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Chapter 3: Love Is a Resurrection

And suddenly questions will arise: What is the meaning of life? - because mind cannot supply any meaning. Mind cannot give you any end. Mind cannot help you to live. It cannot give you life! It can give you technology, it can give you bigger machines, it can give you more affluence - but it cannot give you more life, more being.

So riches go on growing. Technology goes on becoming more and more sophisticated.and man becomes more and more poor. This is strange! that outside riches go on accumulating and inside man becomes a beggar. Never before in the history of man was there such inner emptiness, such inner meaninglessness, such inner poverty.

The reason is: significance comes from the body - the body is the body of God. Mind is man-created: body is still in God, it still exists in God, it still breathes God.

You ask: “What is herenow?”

Now, if any mind answer is given to you, that won’t be the right answer - because anything that the mind can say as a definition of herenow will be wrong; anything whatsoever, it will be wrong. Mind knows nothing of herenow! How can it define it? Just be silent; for a moment, just be.and it is there.

This is herenow! I will not give you a definition, because definitions come from the mind, and definitions will be taken by the mind, and herenow is an existential experience.these trees, this bird calling, and the traffic noise, and the train, and the sun and the trees.and you, and me.and this silence, this presence..

When not even a single thought is stirring in you, when the screen is utterly empty, not even a single picture moves.this is.and this cannot be defined. You can experience it; it is available. It is everybody’s right to experience it, but how to define it? If you try to define it you will have to bring past and future. Go to the dictionaries, go to the Encyclopedia Britannica - what will they say? They will say the present is a moment between the past and the future - that’s the only way to define it! Now can there be a more wrong way to define the present? If you have to bring past and future into the definition, if you cannot define the present without bringing past and future into it, how are you going to define it?

The present is neither past nor future - and it is not between the two! It cannot be between the two, because the past is no more and the future is not yet. How can the present be between two non-existentials? The present is existential; how can existence be defined by something which is not? That is utter absurdity! But that’s where logic moves. Logic appears very logical, but remains rooted in absurdity.

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