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Chapter 11: Only God Is

Pythagoras calls those people unfortunates who live in the mind, in the becoming, in the tomorrows. And when you live in the tomorrows you automatically also live in the yesterdays. They go together, they are not separate - the yesterday and the tomorrow. And you are sandwiched between these two falsities. The yesterday is no more and the tomorrow is not yet. The yesterday is gone forever and tomorrow never comes. Between the two is the present moment.

Jesus says: Look at the lilies in the field - how beautiful they are! They think not of the morrow; they live in the here-now. And even Solomon, attired in all his grandeur, was not so beautiful.

To be herenow is to be attired in divine glory. To be herenow is to attain the splendor of existence. To be herenow is to be in bliss, is to be in paradise.

.That these unfortunates seek afar the goodness

Whose source within they bear.

Pythagoras says: Those people who go on seeking and searching for something far away are unfortunates, cursed. And nobody has cursed them; they have cursed themselves. Nobody has planned their unfortunate life; they are solely responsible for it. That is their whole invention, their own invention.

Your misery is your invention: your bliss is your nature. Misery needs much effort, it has to be planned, it has to be earned. It is going against nature, hence it is very arduous. It is going upstream. It is a continuous conflict with nature.

Nature knows no future, nature is always here. Nature is always THIS moment and nothing else. The trees are growing this moment and the rivers are flowing this moment. Everything is happening this moment, except your mind. Even your body is growing this moment. Your blood is circulating this moment, your heart is beating this moment. Except your mind everything is herenow. Mind is far away.

And this mind is the root cause of your misery. It is not because of past karmas that you are suffering, no. It is not that God has destined you to suffer, no. It is not because Adam and Eve committed sin that you are suffering, no. These are tricks to avoid the responsibility - then anything will do: Adam and Eve. Poor Adam and Eve, and they become scapegoats. Or if that parable loses vitality, as every parable, every metaphor does as time passes by, as it becomes a cliché, it loses potential, power, then you create new ideas.

Then the theory of karma - that in the past lives you have done so many wrong things, that’s why you are suffering. Don’t blame your past lives. You were the same in your past lives; you were suffering then too. Your suffering has a cause herenow; it is not in the past lives. This is just unburdening yourself, and very dangerous is this unburdening because then you will never change, you will remain the same. What can you do about the past lives? They are gone, nothing can be done. You have to suffer.

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