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Chapter 11: Only God Is

Mind needs future - any kind of future will do. You have to become rich, you have to become powerful, you have to become beautiful, you have to become wise, you have to become enlightened - it doesn’t matter. If becoming is there, mind will persist. And the persistence of mind is your whole misery. It keeps you tense. It keeps you in anxiety, anguish, a continuous fear of missing the goal. It keeps you greedy - a continuous lust to attain the goal. And whatever the goal is, it does not matter - money or God, success or samadhi - it doesn’t matter at all.

Let it sink deep in your heart: wherever the goal is, the mind is; wherever the future is, the mind is. Tomorrow is another name for the mind. Tomorrow exists nowhere else except in the mind; they are dependent on each other. If you drop tomorrows, mind will simply evaporate; it cannot exist.

Mind has no present tense; it cannot be herenow, so it goes on giving you new ideas. If you are tired of the world it says there is another world. If you are tired of this life it says, “Don’t be worried, there is an after-life - but go on running.”

Stephen Crane has written these beautiful lines:

I saw a man pursuing the horizon;
Round and round they sped.
I was disturbed at this;
I accosted the man.
“It is futile,” I said.
“You can never.”
“You lie!” he cried,
And ran on.

This running, this continuous running after the horizon which exists nowhere, which is an illusion.but it appears to be there. And so close and so alluring, so tempting, so magnetic, and so close, that it seems just a little effort, just a little effort more.. It is just a few miles ahead. And it is so clearly there, so radiantly there - how can you remain untempted? It appears within reach, but you can go on running and running.you will never arrive. The distance between you and the horizon will always remain the same, because the horizon exists nowhere except in your mind. It is an appearance, it is an illusion. All goals are illusory - worldly, other-worldly. To be herenow is the way of being in truth, in reality.

So this is the first thing to be remembered, otherwise Pythagoras will be misunderstood by you, Pythagoras will be distorted by your mind. You will start thinking, “How to become perfect?” It is not a question of becoming - you are already perfect. Perfection is your being. Becoming is running after a goal; being is relaxing into your nature, relaxing herenow, resting in the moment.and suddenly that which was not available becomes available. You were not aware of it; suddenly you are awakened to it. Perfection is an awakening.

.That these unfortunates seek afar the goodness
Whose source within they bear.

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