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Chapter 1: Letters


I am in bliss.

I have been meaning to write for a long time

but many engagements prevented me.

My blessings, however, I send every day.

Life is a sadhana;

the more you involve yourself in it

the more divine it becomes.

The light is hidden in the darkness,

truth is hidden,

and from this comes the joy of searching.

I remember the words of a rishi:

Truth is hidden under a golden lid.

The golden lid that hides truth is nothing but our mind.

The mind has smothered us;

we are in it,

we identify with it,

therefore the suffering comes,

the bondage and the chain of rebirths.

Rise above it,

become aware that you are distinct from it -

that alone brings bliss,

that alone is freedom

and the end of birth and death.

We have to be what we truly are:

this is the only sadhana.

It is the frustration of living through desires

that brings this sadhana.

Become alert about desire

and non-attachment begins to appear.

This is not to be made to happen,

it follows naturally from awareness of attachment.

Each one of us has to become aware of his attachments,

and keep being so!

Nothing should be done unconsciously.

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