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Chapter 16: The Final Secret

You can imagine, you can create a very coherent system of thoughts, but it is only in your thoughts, in your dreams. Philosophers are creative, but creative of dreams, fantasies. They create logical systems, they argue for them, but the truth cannot be created through logical systems; the truth cannot be reached through arguments. Whatsoever you reach will just be a hypothesis. The truth can be reached only through experience.

That is the difference between philosophy and religion. Religion says that the truth is not known, because you are not capable of knowing it. Unless you are totally transformed - unless you become a different one, unless your perspective changes, your outlook changes, your eyes change, your heart changes - you will not know truth. Truth cannot be known through contemplation, it can be known only through your inner transformation.

Contemplation is possible, but you remain the same; you just go on thinking in your head. You can create many things in the head. You can believe in them, but you know they are your creations. Truth is not a creation, you cannot create it. You can only discover it, uncover it - it is hidden. No arguments will help. Only a real traveling inward will be of any use.

Religion is anti-philosophical. It says that philosophy is of no use, it is intellectual gymnastics. You can enjoy it, it is a game of words, logic, arguments, but it will not give you anything: you will not reach anywhere. You are just sitting in your easy chair with closed eyes, thinking and thinking and thinking. You can go on thinking for ages. You can think coherently, consistently, still you will not come any nearer to the truth. You may even go farther away, because truth is not a mental construct. It is already there, it is not a mental construct. On the contrary, it is hidden because of your mentation, because there is too much activity in your mind. Your mind creates the clouds. You go on moving in the clouds and the sky is hidden. Disperse the clouds - disperse thoughts, disperse arguments, logic, philosophies - and suddenly it is revealed. It has always been there; it is already the case.

You are not to do anything to create it. You are simply to be yielding, surrendering to it, thoughtless, alert, aware, and it is there. It has always been there. And this one, this truth is hidden within you, so you need not go anywhere else. No need to go to the Himalayas. The only need is to go within.

This sutra says: Inquire of the inmost, the one, of its final secret, which it holds for you through the ages. But through thinking you cannot inquire, only through non-thinking can you inquire. This seems contradictory, because whenever we inquire we use thinking. Our inquiry means thinking and more thinking. But this inquiry, the inquiry of religion, is not thinking. The inquiry of religion can be done only when you are alert and non-thinking.

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