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Chapter 8: Life in True Faith

Once it has touched the extreme the pendulum starts moving to the opposite polarity, it goes to the left. And it goes to the left to the same extent as it went to the right. While moving to the left, again you can be deceived. You will see it is moving to the left, but already deep within it is gathering energy to move to the right.

While you love you are gathering energy to hate; while you hate you are gathering energy to love. While you are alive you are gathering energy to die, and when you are dead you will gather energy to be reborn.

If you see only life then you will miss. See death hidden everywhere in life! And if you can see that death is hiding in life, then you can see the reverse also: that in death life is hidden. Then both the polarities disappear. When you see them in their togetherness, simultaneously, with that your mind also disappears. Why? - because mind can only be partial, it can never be whole.

What will you do if you see hate hidden in love? If you see love hidden in hate, what will you choose then? Choice will become impossible, because if you see, “I choose love,” you also see that you are choosing hate. And how can a lover choose hate?

You can choose because the hate is not apparent to you. You had chosen love, and then you think by some accident hate has happened. But the moment you choose love, you have chosen hate. The moment you cling to life, you are clinging to death. Nobody wants to die - then don’t cling to life, because life is leading towards death.

Life exists in polarities and mind exists in one part of the polarity; that’s why mind is false. And mind tries to make that one part the whole. Mind says, “l love this man or this woman and I simply love. How can I hate this woman? When I love, I love; hate is impossible.”

Mind appears logical but it is wrong. If you love, hate is possible; hate is possible only if you love. You cannot hate a person without loving him; you cannot make an enemy without making him first your friend. They go together, they are just like two aspects of a coin. You look at one aspect, the other is hidden behind - but the other is there, always waiting. And the more you move to the left, the more you are getting ready to move to the right.

What will happen if the mind can see both together? - mind is not possible, because then the whole thing becomes so absurd, illogical. Mind can live only in a logical frame, clear-cut, the opposite denied. You say, “This is my friend and that is my enemy.” You can never say, “This is my friend and my enemy.” If you say it things become illogical. And if you allow illogical things to enter they shatter mind completely - mind drops.

When you look at the absurdity of life, of the way life moves through contradictions, the way life lives through opposites, you have to drop the mind. The mind needs clear-cut demarcations and life has none. You cannot find anything more absurd than life, than existence. Absurd is the word for it, if you look at both the polarities together.

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