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Chapter 3: A Gap of Millions of Miles

The mind cannot be constant. Have you watched? Even for a few seconds the mind cannot be constant. Just look at your watch someday; just remember that you are looking at the watch, and you will not be able to retain this remembrance, that you are looking at the watch, even for a few seconds. Your mind will slip somewhere else: some memory, some imagination, some work that is incomplete, some worry, some plan; you must go somewhere. Again you will realize and you will see that for a few seconds you have not been here.

Try again, again the mind will go away. Mind cannot be stable, so all efforts to make mind stable are impossible. That is not in the nature of the mind. The only way to be stable is to drop the whole mind as such; to look into reality without any thinking, to look so directly that the medium of the mind is not there. Look immediately - then suddenly God is revealed. Then, in all the forms the formless is revealed. Then, you see that which the Bauls say:

Nothing has happened
and nothing will happen.
What is there, is there.

And what is not there, is not there. But the mind goes on seeing that which is not there, and because of that which is not there, we cannot see that which is there. Because of the false, because of the projected, because of the dreamed, we cannot see the real, we cannot see the true. When the false is dropped, reality is revealed. There is no other way to seek reality. One has to drop the very mechanism that creates falseness.

Mind is a projector. You sit in a movie house and you see a thousand and one things passing on the screen - and the screen is empty, nothing is really passing except shadows. You go on looking at the screen and there is every possibility that you may not even think of the projector behind you which is projecting all those shadows, those pictures. You can start fighting with those shadows but that is not the way to stop them. The way is to look back, to make a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree turn and go and stop the projector. Once the projector is stopped, the screen is empty. Suddenly there is nothing, or only the whiteness of the screen is left. Only the eternal is there and the changing has disappeared. But one has to stop the projector.

There are many people who become interested in meditation, but in a wrong way. They start fighting with the mind, they start struggling and wrestling with the mind. Then they are not ever going to be victorious. Then they are fighting a losing battle. It is not possible because they have forgotten the projector. Where is the projector? One has to find the projector hidden behind your back. The projector is hidden deep in the unconscious, hidden in the unconscious: becoming, desiring. It is what Buddhists call trishna. The constant desire to be somebody, to be someone, to be somewhere else is the cause of the mind; then the mind continues.

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