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Chapter 3: Natural, Spontaneous, Aware

We are all different and unique human beings, but nobody is lower and nobody is higher - and the whole effort to become higher is stupid.

But a man can go to the monastery. Now, he cannot earn money there, but he can earn virtue. He can become more and more religious: he can meditate more than others, he can become the greatest meditator. He can repress himself more than the others and can become the greatest saint. Now again an attitude is bound to arise: the attitude of “holier-than-thou.” It is the same politics, the same competition, the same ego. Nothing has changed. Only the object of competition has changed, the subject remains the same. Now there will be politics again.

You can see it: from the lowest priest to the pope, a continuous hierarchy. And the lowest priest is trying to reach the higher post. Every bishop is trying to become the archbishop, and they are moving in a hierarchy - the same world. One day they were trying to rise in political power, now they are trying to rise in religious power, but the whole effort is the same.

Kabir says:

Tell me, brother, how can I renounce maya?

“How can I renounce this illusion?” is the root cause of all illusion. This “I” is my world, so wherever I will go, whatsoever I will do, this “I” will come again from the back door.

The world cannot be renounced. Renunciation is a desperate effort of a person who has indulged too much, but it is not very wise. Indulgence is foolish, renunciation too. The wise man finds the harmony. He neither indulges nor renounces. He simply becomes aware of the whole situation. He does not bother to escape from the world; he starts becoming aware of his ego which projects the world. And just by becoming aware of all the hidden desires of the ego, those desires disappear. The more light enters in your being, the more aware you become, the less and less competition there is. Not that you renounce, not that you make any effort to renounce, just the very understanding becomes a subtle light in your being and you start laughing at all the foolish competitions, comparisons, evaluations that you have been doing and you have been suffering for.

Remember, renunciation is of the same stupid mind. Nothing has changed. One day you were just seeking more and more indulgence - more and more money, more and more women and men. Now you have become afraid and you start escaping, running away from the world, but your stupidity has not changed. Your inner being remains the same: you are trying to do the impossible.

Unless your innermost core changes, is transformed, becomes luminous with a new light and new awareness, it is impossible. The change cannot happen. The change does not happen from the outside; the change has to happen somewhere in the inside. Then the glow spreads all over.

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