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Chapter 21: Understanding

If you move to the no-mind, in utter silence, your body is bound to become still, unmoving. The body carries your tensions, and when you are relaxed inside, the body immediately reflects your relaxation, but not vice-versa. You can distort your body in strange postures, hoping that enlightenment will come. I have never seen a single enlightened yogi.and I have been in search, looking in the Himalayas, and all over the country. They are perfect in their gymnastics - they could have joined any circus and would have impressed the people with their performance - but inside they are very ordinary, in the same ignorance, the same unawareness.

It is now my considered opinion that if the inner changes, the outer will follow the change. The outer is not essential - it is just a shadow of the inner - so if you change the outer, there is no necessity for the inner to change.

Ta Hui says: Understand right where you are.

It does not matter where you are - in the marketplace, working as a carpenter, or as a doctor, or as a surgeon. Whatever your profession, whatever your activity, understanding has to come to you amidst the hubbub of the world. You should not escape to the mountains, to the Himalayas, to attain to understanding. The Himalayas can’t give it to you, but they can give something that can keep you under a fallacy your whole life.

Deep in the Himalayas there is eternal silence - snow that has never melted. The cold is so much that you will not even find birds. Everything is absolutely quiet.This quietness of the Himalayas has been attractive for centuries, because surrounded by this quietness and silence and serenity, you start feeling yourself becoming silent. But this silence is fallacious; it is only a reflection of a vast surrounding circumstance.

Many people who have gone to the Himalayas are afraid to come back to the world. I have asked them, “Why are you afraid? You have attained silence; now the world cannot take it away.” But they know better. Once in a while when people come to them, very trivial things can disturb them. Somebody traveling into the Himalayas comes to the cave of a yogi but does not touch his feet, and anger immediately arises in him. It is just the opportunity that he is missing; he has not gained anything.

Ta Hui is right. Don’t go anywhere. Understanding has to be acquired wherever you are. Then you can depend on it; you can rely on it; it will be with you wherever you will be. Nothing can disturb it, because you have gained it amongst all disturbances.

If you want to study this path, you must understand right where you are.

Your body is in one place, your mind is roaming all over the world. This is not the way of the seeker. Your mind should also be where your body is.

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