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Chapter 2: When Doubt Is Not, Trust Is

Otherwise, just spontaneity will reduce you to being animals; animals are spontaneous, but they are not buddhas. So just spontaneity cannot make one a buddha - something more, something plus is needed: spontaneity plus awareness. Then you are not a mechanism, and you are not driftwood either.

The doctor on an ocean liner notified the steward that a man had died in stateroom forty-five. The usual instructions to bury the body were given.

Some time later the doctor peeped into the cabin and found the body still there. He called the steward’s attention to the matter, and the latter said, “I thought you said cabin forty-nine. I went to that cabin and noticed that one of them was in the bunk.

‘Are you dead,’ says I?

‘Pretty nearly,’ says he; so I buried him.”

Even if a person says that he is pretty dead, he is alive. Don’t be too linguistic, don’t be too literal. I say listen to your feelings, but I don’t mean that you should become fragmented. I mean: listen to your feelings, but your feelings have to become a garland. Your feelings should not be like a heap of flowers. Your feelings should be like a garland, a thread running inside the flowers. Maybe nobody is able to see it, but a thread is joining them in a continuity: that continuity is the direction. Unless your feelings are a garland, you will disperse into fragments, you will fall into pieces, you will lose your togetherness.

Yes, I had told Madhuri to be spontaneous, to move according to her feelings. But I have been insisting continuously to do everything, but always remember that awareness is a requirement, a basic requirement - then do whatsoever you want to do. If there is something you are doing for which awareness becomes a hindrance, then don’t do it. If there is something you are doing and awareness does not become a hindrance to it but on the contrary helps it, do it. That is the whole definition of the right and the wrong. The wrong is that which cannot be done with awareness, for which unawareness is a must. The right is that which can be done only with awareness, for which unawareness has to be dropped, otherwise it cannot be done. Awareness is a must. The right is that for which awareness is a must, the wrong is that for which unawareness is a must. That is my definition of sin and virtue. And you are to decide; the responsibility is yours.

It happened:

A worried woman went to see her doctor and told him that her husband appeared to have no virility, and had no interest in her whatsoever.

He gave her a prescription, saying “These will help him. Next time you and your husband are having a quiet meal together, just slip a couple of these pills into his coffee and they will make him spontaneous. And then come and see me again.”

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