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Chapter 12: Life Itself Is a Miracle

An old man is about to have a date with a young woman; so he goes to the doctor, who prescribes him an aphrodisiac that will increase and prolong his libido. He takes his date to one of the best restaurants in town. When they have ordered their soup, he sends his date to powder her nose and then takes the waiter aside. “Put these pills into my soup,” he confides in him, “just before you bring it out from the kitchen.” The young lady comes back, but when, after fifteen minutes, the soup has not been served, the old man calls the waiter over. “Where is our soup?” he demands.

“It will be here in a few minutes,” replies the waiter, “just as soon as the noodles lie down again.”

At the time of death, the most important subject in the minds of people who are not conscious is going to be sex - because sex and death are two sides of the same coin.

Life is so full of mysteries: you will be surprised to know that when people are crucified, just as they are crucified they almost always ejaculate. Doctors have been thinking why, and they have come upon the explanation that those sperms, which are alive, seeing the situation - that the body is dead - rush out of it. Their life out of the body is only two hours, but in two hours they may find some other body, some other center.

First it was thought to be a very mysterious thing, that crucified people should ejaculate - but it is just as though your house is on fire and you start escaping out of it. Your sperms are living beings, and you are dying - why should they die with you? You have been just a house to them and the house is on fire - and everybody has the right to make an effort at least to save his life.

When the whole world is dying, most of the unconscious people who have been repressing their sexuality will think only of sex. They cannot think of anything else; all their interests and hobbies and religions will disappear - the world is dying, perhaps they can make love one more time before death destroys everything. They have been repressing their whole life’s libido, the sexual urge, according to the priests, according to the society and the culture - and now it does not matter. Everything is going to disappear; they don’t need any respectability, they don’t care about religion.

One man was told by his doctor that this would be the last night in his life. “As the sun rises in the morning, you will be dead. Everything has been done, but nothing seems to succeed. What do you want? If you have any wishes to be fulfilled, you have one night.”

The man simply rushed home. He told his wife, “This is my last night and I always wanted to make love to you with totality, but there were so many hindrances, inhibitions. And at this moment the only idea in my mind is, before I die, I should at least experience a total orgasm.”

He made love. In the middle of the night he again nudged the wife and said, “The morning is coming close. I will never be able to see you again. If I make love one more time, it won’t harm you.”

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