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Chapter 14: No Master, No Disciple

You are the product of the generation gap; you could not fit in the society. You are fortunate. Others who have preceded you had to fit with the society from the very beginning. They never got a chance for their own individuality to grow. So the old type of human beings are bound to be very much against you.

Just the other day, from a very reliable source I have been informed that the governor has put the National Guard on alert against us. It seems so absurd; one of the greatest powers in the world is afraid of five thousand unfits? And you are not doing any harm to anybody - you don’t have any time to!

Living is so much, loving is so much, dancing is so much, singing is so much, rejoicing is so much - who has time for anything else? From the early morning to late in the night you are engaged in an ecstatic journey.

In the outside world people work. Naturally, they are tired. You worship; you are not tired. You can dance after the whole day’s work. You can still love after the whole day’s work. Your girlfriend does not have to pretend that she has a headache. I don’t see that headaches are happening here at all. There may be other aches, but no headache. Heads we have put aside!

To put the National Guard on alert against us is simply to show the impotence of the politicians, of the government. And if the Russians come to know about it - and they must come to know about it - what will they think?

This is a nuclear power; you can destroy my people. Just dropping one hydrogen bomb will make a beautiful Hiroshima in America. You miss it! It will be a good tourist spot. You are poorer than Japan. Japan has two tourist spots: Nagasaki and Hiroshima. You have nothing. I am offering you a chance. And you will see how people can dance and sing and rejoice and love and hug - even while they are being destroyed.

My people are not afraid of death or destruction, for the simple reason that they have tasted life, love. The person who is afraid of death is the person who knows nothing of life. The more you know about life, the more deeply you live it, the more intensely you get absorbed in it, overwhelmed by it, the more you become aware that there is something in you which is deathless. No nuclear weapons can destroy it.

But for every reason we are strangers to these people. I had put Sheela in charge, knowingly. She was needed, she did much good to the commune. But there is always a risk, and she started doing harm too. The moment I became aware that she was doing harm also, and I saw that the commune was now established and Oregon has accepted that we are going to be here - America or no America, we are going to be here - Sheela was no longer needed. And that was hurting her ego very much.

Now we need a softer quality of people who can destroy all the hostility that Sheela has created, had to create. We need superior people who don’t have any inferiority. We need more creative people, more healthy, more juicy.

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