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Chapter 10: God: The Nobody Everybody Knows

Nobody was allowed to ask - even the closest people were not close enough. Not a single man was close enough to put his hand on Adolf Hitler’s shoulder. Nobody was a friend; Adolf Hitler never allowed any friendship. The reincarnation of the prophet Elijah was far above that with you ordinary human beings crawling on the earth - and you ask him why!

So he was continually winning for four years, until Winston Churchill himself had to come down to the same rules, against his will: “This is stupid, but what to do? If you are fighting with an idiot, you have to be an idiot, otherwise you are going to be a loser.” He had to call astrologers from India, because that is where you can find the best astrologers. And the Indian astrologers felt tremendously proud, that finally even Winston Churchill had understood that: “Astrology is a science and we are far more advanced than you are.”

And with astrology entering in, Winston Churchill certainly started winning, because now he was also going crazy. He was a great general but now he was doing things against himself, against his whole reason and experience - but what to do? “That other fellow will be listening to astrologers; you have to listen to astrologers. And it is a question of victory, so it is not the time to argue about astrology; the time for that argument we can find later on. First finish this man and this mad situation.”

When Winston Churchill started listening to astrologers, he started winning because he also began attacking in a crazy way with no logic. And certainly he had stranger astrologers than Adolf Hitler, because Adolf Hitler’s astrologers were western. You could find in London the same kind of astrologers who could tell you what those German astrologers would be suggesting to Adolf Hitler - but these Indian astrologers had a totally different astrology.

Adolf Hitler had no way to find out what these astrologers were suggesting, because both were different in their workings. Even in palmistry. In western palmistry a line indicates something; in Indian palmistry the same line indicates something else - because there is nothing written on the line. It depends on you, what you want to make out of it.

Jesus died on the cross - that does not seem to be the right place for the son of God. And if you ask Jainas, Buddhists and Hindus, you will find meaning in what they say. You will be surprised by their answer, but their answer seems to be more rational. They say, “He must have committed some great sin in his past life and this is the outcome of that great sin - the simple law of karma. Otherwise, why should he be crucified?”

No Hindu avatar was crucified, no Jaina tirthankara was crucified, no buddha was crucified - that is impossible! In fact when Mahavira, the Jaina tirthankara, walked on the road - and in those days there were no tar roads or cement roads, just muddy tracks - if there was a thorn on the road it would immediately turn its pointed part downward so that Mahavira’s feet remained unhurt and unharmed.

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