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Chapter 3: This I Call Zen Fire, Zen Wind

Even Lenin, who was to become the head of the first communist country in the world, was in Germany - because in Germany the emperor had relaxed the power and given it to the people. It was becoming a democracy, and the Communist Party in Germany was the biggest party so there was every chance it would come into power. Lenin was there to direct them.

But instead of the Communist Party - which it was logical to conclude would succeed - Adolf Hitler came in between. And Adolf Hitler was neither a thinker nor a philosopher. He was absolutely a fanatic, insane man, and his party, the Nazi Party, began with only nineteen soldiers. These soldiers had been found to be unfit for the army, so they were unemployed and they wanted to do something. Adolf Hitler himself was thrown out of the army because he was psychologically unfit.

These nineteen people gathered together in a small hotel and created the Nazi Party of Germany, with Adolf Hitler as the leader. Because he was a fanatic, he was very emphatic about everything he said. And his strategy was very strange - because he had not a great following, he created a new strategy. It looks absurd, but it worked.

His whole strategy was not to bother about gathering more and more people, gathering membership for the Nazi Party; he knew that was not going to happen. He had no philosophy to offer, no program for the future - why should they join his party? So he started disturbing the communist meetings. Those nineteen people - they were all soldiers - would sit in the communist meetings in separate places, and whenever the communist leader would start speaking, they would create trouble. They would start beating people, whoever was by their side; it was not a question of whom. Just nineteen people would disturb a meeting of ten thousand people or twenty thousand people. And when there are beatings going on, you cannot speak. They were throwing stones at the speaker, they were hitting the audience.

Slowly, slowly it became clear that you are safe only in Adolf Hitler’s meetings; you are not safe in any other meeting. When Adolf Hitler would speak, obviously, those nineteen people were standing around the crowd watching that nobody creates any mischief.

People went to hear Adolf Hitler just because that was the only safe meeting. You could come home alive! This is how Adolf Hitler came to power, because he disturbed all meetings of the communists, which was the greatest party and was logically bound to succeed - but could not succeed because it could not approach the masses. Communist leaders would call a meeting and nobody would come.

Only Adolf Hitler was listened to all over the country, and slowly, slowly he started gathering followers because he seemed to be the only savior. All others had left the area. And nobody knew his strategy; it became known only after Adolf Hitler wrote in his autobiography about how he came into power. Just those nineteen people managed to do the work.

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