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Chapter 17: The Immaculate Deception

But each religion insists - because its whole business depends on that insistence - the book has to be holy, otherwise who is going to listen? And the book decides what you have to do, what you have not to do. It takes all responsibility off your shoulders. It relieves you of being a responsible person in your own right. It dictates to you, and it does not allow you to argue, because you cannot argue with God. Once you accept a book as holy, there is no question of any argument. You have to accept whatsoever is said in it.

The Christians believe the Bible is holy, that the Old Testament and the New Testament, both are holy. For the Jews only the Old Testament is holy; the New Testament comes from this crazy man, Jesus. It is not holy. But if you look in the Old Testament, at every step you will come across such rotten stuff that even a third class daily newspaper is far better. If you want to waste your time, you can waste it reading any third class daily newspaper - that will do.

The New Testament is nothing but four disciples’ collection of notes, of whatsoever Jesus may have said or may have done. And all four differ from each other, so it does not seem that they are eyewitnesses to all the events they are talking about. A few events one apostle leaves out, a few other events the other ones talk about. These words that they have collected have come from Jesus. Jesus is a perfectly ordinary human being, and that was the trouble - that he was trying to prove that he was the only begotten son of God, and the Jews were not ready to believe it. And the Jews were perfectly right.

Jesus could not prove in any way that he was the son of God. And why should only he be the son of God? To me it seems simple, logical, understandable: either everyone is the son of God, the daughter of God - or no one. But if everyone is the son of God, if everyone is the daughter of God, then Jesus loses the specialness, the extraordinariness; then he is just like anybody else. Then what authority has he got?

To impose the authority he has to keep himself above you. You are just human; he is divine. You are just the by-product of the original sin of Adam and Eve; he is not. He is the product of the great act that happened between the Holy Ghost and Mary. Strange: you are the by-product of the original sin, and he is the by-product of some spiritual act. Now, all that the Holy Ghost is doing is so unholy, because even the consent of Jesus’ mother is not there. And she is somebody else’s wife - this is absolutely a crime. At least she should be willing. She knows nothing about it. She has been made pregnant perhaps under chloroform, or given some anesthesia - she must not have been conscious, must have been sleeping, must have been absolutely unalert about what is happening.

And what Jesus says, there is nothing that makes it look divine - just ordinary wisdom that has come through the centuries. But the Christian has to believe in the holiness of the Bible: it is written by God. Strange: we know that it is written by four apostles; in the Bible itself it is written that it is written by these four persons. It is not even firsthand, not that Jesus has written it; it is secondhand.

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