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Chapter 23: Religion Is Dead, Religio Is Born

How this son is born, no Christian theologian, no Jewish rabbi has been able to answer. Has the Holy Ghost given birth to Jesus Christ? Is the Holy Ghost a woman? Then he should be called the Holy Witch. Is he bisexual? As far as names are concerned, all the three are male. This is sheer male chauvinistic ideology, really macho.

The death of God declares freedom for man and equality for women. With God in the heavens, the woman can never be equal with man. Man was created in a special way, out of mud, humus - that’s why he is called “human.” Why couldn’t he create a woman out of the same material? There is so much mud, even in this small commune - it is called the Big Muddy Ranch - and God owns the whole universe!

There is so much mud, but he could not find mud enough to create a woman. No, just a macho - the woman cannot be created exactly the way man is created. He took out one of the ribs of man and created the woman out of the rib. The woman is nothing but a bone. Now, a bone cannot be equal to man. A bone is just a bone.

God alive, the woman will remain in bondage. God dead, the woman is liberated, liberated from a male chauvinistic idea. Man himself is liberated - because to be created by someone is very humiliating. Then you are like a painting, or a sculpture, dependent completely on the artist. You don’t have your own being.

A small child was saying to his friend, another small child, “My father is such a great painter that he makes a painting and you can see the face in the painting smiling. And just by a single stroke of his brush the smile disappears, and you see a sad man.”

The other boy laughed. He said, “That’s nothing. You must see my mother. I come home smiling, there is no need even for a single stroke of a brush: just seeing her and I become sad, just a look is enough.. I was coming dancing, running, happy, but she is such a ‘mum’ that to face her you cannot be smiling. She is a great artist! What is your father compared to my mother?”

If man is created by God, then you are not responsible for your sexuality, you are not responsible if you commit a murder, you are not responsible if you commit suicide - because all these potentials were created by God in you.these ideas, these possibilities which will one day become actual.

All courts are really against God - but they are punishing victims instead of punishing the real criminal. All religions are really against God, but they are telling you how to behave rather than telling God, “Why don’t you change your way of creating man? If celibacy is spiritual, create celibate people.”

And nothing is impossible for God. If he can create the whole existence, can’t he manage to create a celibate man? Can’t he create a man or a woman who is a born monk, a born nun? He just has to do a little work in your biology, in your chemistry, in your hormones.

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