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Chapter 21: Something Deeper than the Mind

And some day or other, some device or other succeeds, and suddenly your mind stops. Suddenly, you become aware that you are not the mind. Just one moment’s taste is needed - you have found the key.

Then you can go to the same space again and again. And slowly, slowly that space becomes your very being, your very breathing. I don’t have a Holy Bible to give to you, I don’t have a holy Koran to give to you, because I don’t believe that any book is holy. All books are written by man. The holy books are only an exploitation, cheating. None of them is written by God. They are not even first-class literature.

I don’t have any holy book to give to you. My hands are empty. I don’t have a sword in my hand, because fear cannot make you self-realized. Fear can reduce you into a slave. Fear cannot help you to remember your being.

Neither have I bread and butter in my hand, because I don’t want any poverty on the earth. The religions who are increasing their numbers by giving bread, by giving medicines to the poor, opening orphanages, converting the untouchables, opening schools and hospitals - on the surface it seems they are doing great service.

It is not a service, for two reasons: one, their motivation is to increase their numbers. They are purchasing you very cheaply and in such a way that you don’t even feel that you are standing in a slave market - that you are being auctioned. And secondly, it is not service, there is another motivation. The more Christians you create, the more virtue you will be gathering in the other world. The more people you make Mohammedans, your paradise becomes more certain.

So it is greed on their part. And it is politics, because as their numbers grow they start throwing pressure upon governments, upon nations.

Just now the pope has been here. In his first day’s speech in New Delhi he was very much disappointed. It is reported that he made the remark that this has been the worst day in all his world travels. Now, a spiritual person does not get disappointed because only twenty thousand people have turned up to listen to him. And even they started leaving in the middle. Up to now he has been touring Catholic countries, so there were millions of people attending. In fact, these twenty thousand people had not come to listen to him, they had just come out of curiosity.

But why should he be disappointed? You are disappointed only if you have a certain desire; otherwise, whether anybody comes or not it makes no difference.

In that meeting he remarked in a very subtle, diplomatic, indirect way against the Hindu caste system, that all human beings should be treated equally. He is not aware or he is lying, because the sudras, the untouchables who have become Catholic Christians, they are not being allowed to worship with all the other Christians - they are segregated. They have been given different small churches to worship separately. Now the man had some nerve to condemn Hindus.

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