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Chapter 22: Of the Priests

We are not strangers, we are not coming from somewhere else; we are growing within existence. We are part of it, an essential part of it. We just have to be silent enough, so that we can hear that which cannot be said in words: the music of existence, the immense joy of existence, the constant celebration of existence. Once it starts penetrating our heart, transformation comes.

That is the only way somebody becomes religious - not by going to the churches which are made by man, not by reading the scriptures which are made by man. But the priests have been pretending that their holy scriptures are written by God. The very idea is simply idiotic. Just look into those scriptures: You will not find any signature of God in them. You will find things which there is no reason for God to write.

Hindus believe in the Vedas and believe that they are written by God himself, and they are the most ancient books in existence; but no Hindu bothers to look into them. If God wrote them, there is going to be something immensely valuable.but ninety-eight percent of the Vedas are just rubbish - such rubbish that it proves that they are not written by God.

For example a prayer by a priest.why should God write it? And the prayer is that his cows are not giving enough milk, “Have mercy on me, increase the milk of my cows.” Not only that, “Decrease the milk of everybody else’s!” - God is going to write this? “Kill my enemies and help my friends” and even such stupid things as “Rains are coming; take care that all the water reaches my fields and avoids the neighboring field, because it belongs to my enemy. Just shower your water on my field.”

Why should God write these things? Every scripture gives intrinsic evidence that they are written by men, and very stupid men, primitive men. The so-called holy scriptures are not even to be counted as good literature - they are childish, crude, ugly. But because they are written in languages which are dead.and some are in languages which have never been in use by common people, for example, the Vedas. That language has never been used by the common people. It was the language of the learned brahmins, the language of the priests.

And they were very reluctant that it should be translated, because they knew: once it is translated, it will lose all sanctity. People will see that this nonsense is not even unholy - what to say about its being holy!

So much obscenity, so much pornography is in the holy scriptures of all your religions. But they are written in Sanskrit, which is not used by common people; in Arabic, which is not used by common people; in Hebrew, which is not used by common people; in Pali, in Prakrit. Those languages are dead. And all the religions are reluctant that their holy scriptures should be brought in to the modern languages which people understand - although, in spite of their reluctance, their holy scriptures have been translated.

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