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Chapter 9: Friendship: The Highest Form of Love

I have been to the place where the sage went; it is still bent like an old man. But it is the most ancient; nothing grows, it has come to a full stop. But it did grow sometime in the past.

The Himalayas are the newest mountains, the latest mountains in the world to have come out of the ocean. They are still growing, becoming higher and higher.

Even rocks grow, so don’t think they don’t have life; but the life is very dormant, very deeply asleep - not even a dream, just darkness and deep sleep. But it is still life, maybe the most primitive - at point A of a horizontal line.

So there in the horizontal line is man. And there are men ahead of you, but they are not higher than you. There is Albert Einstein - he is ahead of you, you may perhaps be miles back, but it is the same line.a linear progress. The difference between you and him may be miles, but it is the same road. Even if somebody reaches the very end of the line, reaches Z, then too he becomes at the most Zorba the Greek.

I have loved the name “Zorba the Greek” for so many reasons. One is because Z is the last letter in the alphabet. He is the Z; he is the end of the line. He is more alive than any man, but his aliveness does not make him higher than you. His aliveness is more like a wild animal - innocent but ignorant; full of energy, vitality, but blind, with no eyes to see. Yes, he can dance, but his dance will not have anything of divineness in it. It will be tremendously powerful but it will remain earthly.

The horizontal line moves on the earth. You can become at the most Zorba the Greek, but your unconsciousness will still be your life; you will still be groping in darkness. You will still be unaware that there is another dimension also - the vertical dimension.

The vertical dimension moves from A to a higher A. It goes on moving higher, but it remains the same energy, A becoming purified, becoming more conscious, becoming more alert; ultimately becoming fully conscious. It does not move from A to B, from B to C; it simply moves from A1 to A2, to A3, to A4. At point A4 something happens that we call the awakened one.

Life moving horizontally remains simply life; life moving vertically becomes consciousness.

It becomes consciousness, it becomes a new phenomenon. Horizontal life always has a goal to it, it is goal-oriented. When you are at B, your eyes are focused on C. When you are at point B, you are not there at all; either you are thinking of point A that you have left behind - your past, all your yesterdays, your memories - or you are projecting into the future: B, C, E.up to Z, a whole long line of goals.

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