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Chapter 21: Make It Clear to the World

And the people to whom they are talking about me will become interested, just as a curiosity in the beginning, but to change curiosity into a longing, a desire, a search, is not difficult. It happens almost automatically.

You talk of changing the world by creating Rajneeshee oases all over, but sometimes even your own people misunderstand you or don’t have the courage to live out your vision. Is it really possible?

It is not only possible, it is going to happen. It is absolutely certain.

It is not a question of people understanding me or not - even my own people may not understand me. There may be things which their old conditionings are still hindering them to understand. But it doesn’t matter. What makes me so certain that this transformation of man is going to happen, whether people understand me or not, is the very situation in which humanity has suddenly landed.

It could have been predicted, but if they cannot understand now, it is impossible that they would have understood five thousand years ago. The seeds were in Moses, the seeds were in Manu, in Mahavira, in Jesus, in Zarathustra, in Krishna, in Gautam Buddha. What has happened was bound to happen. We are reaping the crop that humanity has been sowing for generations: stupid ideas, but once they become accepted, and for generations remain accepted and respectable, nobody inquires about them. For example, the idea of celibacy. For five thousand years in India it has existed as something spiritual that without celibacy there is no possibility of spiritual growth. And I am simply amazed that not a single person in five thousand years raised the question whether celibacy is possible - because it is not under your control. It is not your mind which can manage it. The mind has no connection with it.

Life is far more intelligent. It has not left essential things for you to decide. For example your breathing: if it was left for you to decide, nobody would be alive. Sometimes you may hesitate whether to breathe or not, whether it is right or wrong, and sometimes you may simply forget. And what will happen when you will go to sleep?

So it is absolutely wrong to say, “I breathe.” Breathing is not within your ego’s power. It happens on its own. Life breathes in you, and you have no control over it. Man has tried. In yoga, and in other methods in different religions, man has tried, but nobody has succeeded. You cannot succeed against life.

The same is the question of celibacy, exactly the same. Just as breathing is needed for your life, sex is needed for humanity. Sex is as deeply concerned with humanity as breathing is concerned with you. It cannot be left in the hands of the individuals. There is no choice about it.

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