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Chapter 17: Love Is a Very Unscientific Idea

You may be going to your home and from a thousand miles away Delgado can dictate to you, “Don’t go, come back!” And you will immediately turn about and start moving back. Of course you will find some excuse why you are doing it, not knowing that you are not doing it, you have been forced to do it. But man is such an egoist, he cannot accept such a thing. He will find some excuse, something or other. He will remember something that he has forgotten that has to be done first, he has to run back.

Now, Delgado is proposing - again, like Albert Einstein, to all the politicians of the world - “If you want humanity to behave rightly then put electrodes in their heads.”

For example, he says there is no need for a criminal to be kept for thirty or fifty years in a jail. Fix an electrode - it is just a five-minute operation. Put him under anesthesia, and within five minutes the electrode will be inside his skull and he will never know about it. And you have the remote control; you can always tell him what to do, what not to do.

If he is a murderer you can program him not to murder again. If he is a thief, you can program him not to steal again. What is the point of putting these people in jail for fifty years when just a simple electrode can do the work? Sensible.the suggestion is perfectly sensible, but Delgado is a scientist: he knows more and more about only the electrode; he has no conception of any of its other implications.

In Russia, what will they do? An electrode will be put in every child’s mind the moment he is born. In Russia, no child is allowed to be born in a house, the child has to be born in the hospital. And that is the best time; the skull is not hard, the operation is very simple. You just push the electrode in and the child will never know for his whole life. He cannot disobey the communist party, he cannot disobey the state, he cannot disobey Das Kapital. He cannot do anything that you don’t want him to do, he will do only whatever you want.

You can have in the Kremlin a central remote-control system for two hundred million people. You just push one button and they will all be ready to fight, to give their life - for any purpose.

And this is not going to happen only in Russia - because this is the problem: if it happens in Russia it is bound to happen in America on a wider scale, a bigger scale, because America cannot be number two. If Russians orbit around the moon, then Americans have to step on the moon. If they put in an electrode, America is going to put in two electrodes - in case one fails. Why take chances? But Delgado is not aware of all these implications.

In the East, science came to a point where it was clear that it would destroy ecology, it would destroy man’s dignity, it might destroy the whole planet; it was better to shut it down. That is why in the East almost everything that you know of has been invented but stopped because there were superior beings available, enlightened people available who could be asked whether this line would be right.