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Chapter 30: Doubt Is My Fundamental Teaching

Now it will not happen for the single reason that I am going to speak directly to my people. Secondly, I am making every arrangement to decentralize power. Thirdly, I am making arrangements to change the power positions more often so that nobody takes their position for granted, as if it is their inheritance. And I am telling my people to be alert and aware because my teaching is for freedom, not for fascism.

I value democracy not dictatorship. To me, individual and respect for his individuality are the highest values. And no individual should be humiliated.

So now I will have to teach them that, “You have to be aware of your own power elite, too. And anything you see, immediately inform me.”

This was an ugly nightmare, but they could not do any harm to the commune. They tried. Money does not matter; if they have taken some money, that is not much of a thing to be bothered about. But otherwise they have not.

And all the people that have left are asking to come back, and I am calling them to tell them that they can come back. There has been such rejoicing. People have been dancing for hours in the street when they heard that Sheela and her group had left - as if they are freed from a concentration camp.

So in a way it is good that these people are gone. They were creating a rift between the commune and Oregon, between the commune and the American government. Now that barrier has disappeared and we can create bridges of friendship, because to me America is the only hope for humanity. If America does not succeed, then the whole of humanity is going to be under communist regimes, and humanity is going to be reduced to robots. They have done that in the Soviet Union and they will do it more forcibly everywhere else.

So America is not just a country; it is now more than that. It is a hope for freedom and hope for democracy and hope for individuality, justice.

My respect for the American constitution is immense, so great that I feel that American politicians are all prostituting it. The constitution is something immensely valuable; but the third-class politicians cannot keep up with the constitution, that’s the difficulty.

I can understand. The constitution has such high goals and ideals, and the politicians have no goals and no ideals except a lust for power, so the gap is big. They are doing things which are unconstitutional, illegal. So in every way I would like to be part of this country. But I will also fight any illegality that is being done to the commune and against the constitution. We are fighting and we are winning, and we will fight up to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is still a ray of light.

And we see no reason why we cannot win. We are going to win, because whatever they have done to the commune is absolutely unconstitutional. They had recognized the commune as a city for two years; their judges, the county, the state and the federal government were all helping the commune for two years as a city. And then suddenly - perhaps under some Christian pressure - they declared the city illegal. This is the only city in the whole world which is illegal. There are cities and there are no-cities, but illegal cities don’t exist.

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