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Chapter 8: Dancing Madly from Eternity to Eternity

This is immensely significant - to understand that you are not lost, you have just forgotten who you are. And the most hilarious thing is that you are asking others, “Who am I?” Whatever you know about yourself is not you. The knower within you is beyond the reach of your mind, you cannot think about it. You can simply be it.

And the sutra coming from Gautam Buddha says: “It is a remembering.” You must all have felt once in a while. In all the languages of the world the expression, “it is just on the tip of my tongue” exists. A name.you can even see the face, you know that you know the name, it is just on the tip of your tongue, but it is not coming out. And the harder you try, the narrower becomes the space from which the forgotten can again become a recognition.

A point comes.you drop it. One can go only so far, you cannot drive yourself absolutely mad. You just go out for a morning walk, or start digging in your garden and suddenly, out of nowhere, the name is remembered. You had never forgotten it.

Then what was the mechanism that was preventing it from coming to the surface? That mechanism is the whole psychology of the buddhas. The more your mind is full of thoughts, tensions, worries, the further away you are from yourself; the moment the mind is silent you are suddenly centered in your very being.

And there is no other greater ecstasy, no other greater blissfulness, than to know who you are. To know the inner space is to know all. It is unlimited silence, but not dead. It is alive with songs of its own, with dances of its own.

Of course they belong to a totally different stratum.

You see Gautam Buddha sitting in the lotus posture - that is from the outside, a photograph. I see him from inside. He is not sitting in the lotus posture; he is dancing madly. From eternity to eternity his dance goes on and on becoming more and more juicy. More and more flowers start opening in the innermost being - even the silence is fragrant.

It is not something special. Hyakujo is pointing out to his disciple that it is the most natural, simple experience. Just don’t ask to be special and it is yours, just don’t go on a journey of power and it is yours, just don’t even seek it and you have found it. It is your very nature: even if you try to drop it somewhere, throw it somewhere, it is not possible.

There is no way not to be a buddha. Yes, there is a little difference, not worth even calling a difference: a few buddhas are asleep, a few buddhas are awake. Those who are awake were asleep before, those who are asleep now will - in their own time of ripening, blossoming - become buddhas. The difference is not there at all.

A tremendous statement, the sutra of Gautam Buddha says:

“It is not obtained from others. Therefore, when you are enlightened it is just like when you were not enlightened.”

Please see the beauty of it and the depth of it.

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