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Chapter 36: A Man of Zen

I teach you meditation, not psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis is just a way of befooling yourself, deceiving yourself, just making sure that you are doing something - paying for your psychoanalysis, going through your dreams, being analyzed by an expert - but you have taken a route which has no end. It goes on and on and on. That’s why psychoanalysis has not been able to produce a single enlightened human being. Meditation has produced thousands of enlightened human beings.

It is a simple fact: when the room is dark don’t fight with darkness, just try to bring in some light. Just a candle and the darkness will go - it was never existent. And if you start fighting and wrestling with darkness, you may have multiple fractures, and you cannot hope ever to be victorious over it.

The most simple and the most intelligent way is to find a way toward your superconsciousness, and it will give you the key to open higher doors. And when you have come to the very top of consciousness, you need not worry, it will do everything that you want it to do, always. It will simply transform your dark being into pure light.

Each day for the past ten days or so I have been attempting to hypnotize myself. While I have been able to relax very deeply, that’s all that has happened. I am not aware of any resistance to letting myself fall into the unconscious. On the contrary, it feels like a whole new trail that I would love to explore, yet for some reason hypnosis hasn’t happened. Is it to be expected that it will take quite a bit longer, and should I persevere?

It is not a question of perseverance, not a question of it taking a little longer. It is also not a problem that you are not tense. The problem is that the very idea of self-hypnosis creates a subtle tension of which you are not aware.

Just think of the idea that you are trying to hypnotize yourself. Who is trying? Because you are trying to hypnotize yourself, your very trying is the barrier. And naturally without trying, it will not happen, so you are in a dilemma. If you don’t try, nothing happens; if you try, your very trying keeps you alert, and that alertness will not allow hypnosis to happen. Hypnosis needs no effort on your part.

So self-hypnosis has a different process. The process is: first be hypnotized by somebody else whom you can trust. If you don’t trust then you will hold yourself against being hypnotized. Second, the person you choose to hypnotize you should not be a friend, a lover, with whom you are very intimate, because then you won’t take him seriously. You will giggle and laugh and that will destroy the whole thing. You should choose a person you respect, you trust: you feel a certain integrity in the person. And then let him hypnotize you.

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