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Chapter 14: A Very Delicate and Complex Affair

Jesus was not a man of knowledge, and certainly he was not a man of experience either, because a man of experience will not talk such nonsense as, “I am the only begotten son of God.” God is simply a hypothesis, and I have never heard that hypotheses produce children. Only Indians do that, not hypotheses; hypotheses are absolutely barren.

The idea that somebody else has to save you, hurts you; he does not allow you even the freedom to save yourself. Jesus has to be understood very clearly: he is one of the men who is against all freedom for man. He talks sweetly, just like any salesman, but the intention is to take away your basic fundamental birthright of growing as an individual, unique - not a carbon copy of somebody else, but just yourself.

He did not accept people as they are and insisted that they should be according to his teachings. He did not allow them even to doubt or argue; you cannot argue with the son of God - what he says is truth. But it accumulated just in three years.. He was not a teacher in the world for more than three years. People could not tolerate him; it was becoming too insulting, too humiliating.

The reason for Jesus’ crucifixion is not - as Christians go on telling to the world - that he was a great revolutionary. The reason is that he was one of the anti-humanitarians, and people crucified him as a revenge. It was becoming too heavy on their heads. Just an uneducated carpenter’s son who has been cutting wood and dragging logs to his father’s shop, suddenly becomes the savior.and savior of each and everyone with his simple cheap condition - that you believe in him.

He does not give you even the freedom to think, the freedom to meditate, the freedom to search, the freedom to seek.no freedom at all. He has created the greatest slavery in the world - Christianity. Now half of the world is Christian, and the responsibility for all these slaves - Catholics or Protestants, it does not matter.he is responsible. But his slavery is very subtle and very psychological.

Now the reality is that he could not save himself, and he pretended to save the whole humanity. And when asked before his death, “How long will it take for you to come back and save humanity?” he said, “Don’t be worried, I am coming soon.” Two thousand years have passed. I don’t think.I can also stretch ‘soon’, but not that much! Two thousand years is just such an exaggeration.

And still there is no sign.. We don’t see where there is a Virgin Mary; at least before he comes, a Virgin Mary should appear. The carpenter Joseph should appear; he should get married to Virgin Mary, and before he can consummate his marriage, the Holy Ghost should appear: it is a simple case of the rape of a virgin girl. Then with all these difficulties will come Jesus Christ - and how can he save you?

I am reminded of one statement of a great doctor who is my friend. I don’t know whether he is still alive or not, I have not heard anything about him for these last six years. He was the most prominent doctor in the city where I lived before I moved to Mumbai and then to Pune.

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