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Chapter 7: No More Ready-made Gods

All those old sages were “superior beings,” and they condemned humanity. They condemned human nature, they condemned human instincts. In their eyes, to be human was to be a sinner. For the new rebel, to be human - to be absolutely human, natural, relaxed with your instincts, with your intelligence, with your intuitions - is the only spirituality there is. There is nothing higher than that.

The old sages destroyed the dignity of man. They destroyed the pride of being human and they raised a hypothetical God to heights which are inconceivable. They did these two things simultaneously - reducing man to the lowest possibilities, and raising a hypothetical God to the highest of heights.

The God was false, but it was a strategy, because then they could claim that they were closer to God and far away from human beings; they could have a direct connection with God, either as God’s only begotten son, as his only messenger, or as his incarnation in the world. The hypothesis of God was very useful because it helped the sage, the so-called saint, to raise himself and his ego to the highest peaks possible.

The new rebel has no hypothetical God. He has a real human being. His effort is to clarify, to unburden the human heart, to raise human consciousness to its highest peaks.

The old sage had a God, ready-made. The new rebel is immensely creative. He is giving a challenge to the world: You have to create your own god within your own being, you have to be a god. And this god is not going to be against humanity; on the contrary, it is going to be its absolute fulfillment, its blossoming, its flowering, its coming of age.

Man has suffered too much, he has been insulted too much. He has made himself into the ugliest creature in the world. He has accepted ideologies which proclaim him only as a sinner. And thousands of years of continual insistence have made wounds in his heart of deep guilt - guilt which does not allow him to live totally, which does not allow him to love intensely, which does not allow him to dance passionately, which prevents him and cripples him in every possible way.

The old sage was an agent of the establishment, of the churches, of the priests, of the kings. He represented all those who had power and wanted to retain that power - power to exploit, power to enslave. And the old sage did his job very well. His reward was only a phony ego.

The new rebel is not going to accept any guilt, because whatever is natural is right. It has to be refined, it has to be lived - not repressed, not forced into the unconscious, but brought into the conscious.

Everything that nature has given to man has to be used in such a way that life becomes an orchestra. Nothing is wrong - only things are not in their right places. And this is the work of centuries of saints and sages and prophets - the whole credit goes to these people. For their own ego fulfillment they played a role which is one of the ugliest phenomena in the history of man.

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