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Chapter 10: Saying Yes to Life

And you have been told: “Become like Jesus.” “Become like Buddha.” “Become like Krishna.” You will be miserable. Buddha never tried to become like Krishna, that’s why he was happy. Krishna never tried to become like anybody else, that’s why he was happy. Krishna never tried to become like anybody else, that’s why he was happy. Jesus never tried to become like Moses, that’s why he was happy - even on the cross he was happy. And you are constantly trying to be somebody else.

These ideals have to be dropped; they have to be destroyed completely. And then, a deep and profound yes will arise from the depths of your being. It will fill you with tremendous fulfillment.

And, to me, this is religion. This yes filling your whole being, overflowing you, is religion. Right now you are full of no’s thousand and one no’s; about everything there is a no, and that’s what is making your life a hell. You have to be alert because you have to get rid of all this rubbish that has been poured upon you by your parents, by your society, by your church. And it hurts if something is taken away because you have believed in it for a long time; it has become almost part of your blood, your bone, your marrow. It hurts, although it is just pus and nothing else; but to take it away hurts.

One old woman took sannyas in America; she must have taken sannyas for wrong reasons. Many people take sannyas for wrong reasons. They become aware of it only later on when there arises some clash between their idea of sannyas and my vision of sannyas. And she was writing beautiful letters, very poetic. The reason deep down that she became a sannyasin was because she was reading my books on Jesus; The Mustard Seed was the thing that moved her deeply. But it was not me; it was because of Jesus. She became convinced of Jesus’ truth, and because I had helped her, she became a lover of me.

Then just yesterday her letter arrived. She is very disturbed: what to do now? Because in some tapes she has heard that I have said that in old days there were records, there are written records, about Jesus’ physical appearance saying that he was an ugly man, that his height was only four feet five inches, and not only that, he was a hunchback and his face was disgusting. Now she is shocked. Now she says, “I want to go back to my old master Jesus. I don’t want to remain a sannyasin anymore.” Now this was the time for her to get free of a conditioning. She missed the opportunity. Going back she will be the same as has always been. A moment had come when a door opened, but she turned away.

Many of you are here for wrong reasons, and if you are here for wrong reasons you will be in trouble sooner or later. I am going to disturb you, disturb all your dreams, disturb all your ideals. I am going to put dynamite inside you! My whole work consists in sabotage. Once I can destroy all your ideals that you have carried all along, once I can make you free of all the jargon that you have learned from others, once I am able to uncondition you, then you will be able to say yes to yourself.

Every tree says yes to itself; every animal, every bird says yes. Nobody is needed to teach it. The no is taught; yes is natural. Yes is part of Tao; no is a conditioning.

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