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Chapter 4: A Buddhafield in Spring

Sannyas is not a new program. The orange and the mala and the new name are just a gesture from your side that you are ready to drop all the programs, a gesture from your side that you are open to me. It is just a gesture; that’s why it is so simple. Anybody can take sannyas, with no conditions attached to it, no strings attached to it.

Have you ever heard of any spiritual tradition in the world giving sannyas so easily? Great preparation is needed. If you want to become a Hindu sannyasin you will have to go through a long process of preparation. If you want to become a Christian monk, the same. This is happening for the first time in the whole history of humanity: I am giving you sannyas without asking whether you are worthy of it, ready for it. Why? Because it is not a program.

To be a Catholic monk is a program. It will require that a few conditions be fulfilled before you can enter into it, it will take years of preparation. To be a Jaina monk will take even longer, because it is a process of being an ascetic. The more unnatural a program is, the more preparation will be needed.

I give you sannyas with no requirement, no condition, to be fulfilled on your side. It is a simple gesture. And you are only thinking about having a new name, about having to live in orange clothes. But you don’t know that new name will help you to become disconnected from your whole past. Those orange clothes will declare that you are no more part of any religion, that you are simply religious - that you are neither Hindu nor Christian nor Mohammedan.

Sannyas is like when you have a thorn in your foot you need another thorn to take it out. The other thorn is exactly like the first thorn. Sannyas is just a thorn to take out all the thorns that are in your being. You are not getting into some new identity. Sannyas is not serious; it is very playful, it is non-serious.

And, I have told you, “Programs, names and labels and becoming crystallized and identified are hindrances and liabilities in the seeker’s search for the supreme self.”

Yes, I repeat it again. But still you will have a name. Don’t get identified with it. I have not told you not to have any names - or have I? Without names it will be impossible to exist. They have some purpose to fulfill. Without names, without addresses, it will be impossible to exist where so many people are around you. You need a certain name; it is utilitarian, it has no ultimate truth about it. When you start thinking that your name has something ultimate about it, then you have become crystallized, and identified with it.

I have said don’t get identified with your name, and don’t get identified with any label that you have to use in life. And you will have to use many labels. I am not against life. If you drop all labels and all names, you will have to go back to a very primitive state - to live in a cave in the Himalayas. There you will not need any name, because no postman will ever come to deliver your post, nobody will ever call you, nobody will ever address you. But that will be a kind of suicide. I am not teaching you any suicide. I am against renouncing the world.

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