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Chapter 2: A Cloud of Virgin Bliss

That’s why in the East satsang has been praised so much. Satsang means to be with a master. When he speaks, to be with him; when he sits, to be with him; when he looks at you, to be with him; when he does not look at you, then to be with him - just to have a feeling flow between the one who knows and the one who is seeking. One day something tunes in - and that day is unpredictable, nothing can be done about it. The more you do anything about it, the more you will be missing it.

So just go on listening to my words, but by and by shift your emphasis to the silent gaps. Sometimes I am not saying anything, sometimes I just look at you. There - exactly, precisely there - is the message. And if you listen to that message it is not ideology. It is not even anti-ideology, because if something is anti-ideological, it is again an ideology; to be “anti” is to be in the world of the idea. I am not against ideology. How can I commit that sin? I am beyond, not against.

Ideology, anti-ideology - both are left in the valley. I have moved to a different world - a peak which is beyond. And I am not teaching you anti-ideology. I am not teaching you anything that belongs to the world of concepts and ideas. I am teaching you me! I am teaching you a way of being, a different quality of existence.

Listen to my words, but don’t only listen to my words - shift. One day you will understand even that which cannot be said through words. Then, even through words there may be glimpses. Once you can feel my silence, my words will take another significance. Then they will not be just words, just sounds - no. Then they become a flowering.

It is a very difficult job, to talk about silence. In Zen they say it is like selling water by the river.

The river is flowing, but you are blind and I have to sell water - and of course you pay for it - and the river is absolutely free! It is like watering the garden when the rain is falling. Or, as in old Indian scriptures it is said, “It is putting legs on a snake to help him walk!” Foolish, stupid, because the snake walks perfectly well without any legs. In fact, legs will hinder. But what to do? The snake goes on saying, “Help me!” Or as it is said in old Taoist scriptures, “To talk about truth is like putting a hat on a man who is already wearing one” - to put another hat on top of the hat, useless.

So what am I doing here? I am just giving you patience, the capacity to wait, watch - an effort to be with me. In the beginning it is like an effort, but one day suddenly it happens and it is no more any effort: effortlessly you are here. Then you understand me whether I say something or not, then you will understand me whether I am here in this chair or not, whether I am in this body or not. But before that happens - that supreme flowering of your silence - I have to go on beating around the bush, around and around.

And the second thing about the first question: I am not a serious man. I look like one, but the appearance is deceptive. I’m not a serious man, I’m absolutely non-serious - and that is the only way the enlightened consciousness can be.

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