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Chapter 5: Socialism Is a Judas

And because the criminal politicians have come to the end of the rope, now they don’t know what to do except create a war. To counteract, to create an atmosphere in the world against any possible war, the only way is to raise the consciousness of the people.

I know perfectly well that neither capitalists are ready nor communists are ready. But first communists will be ready - then the capitalists, because the capitalists are full of vested interest. The Soviet Union and the people living there have nothing to lose. They are all equally poor, and seventy years of revolution have created a complete vacuum in their being. That vacuum can be filled only by meditative awareness.

As I have told you again and again, nobody can live on negative ideas. The positive idea may be wrong, may be fiction, may be just a hope, a consolation, but still it fills your being. It keeps you unaware of the hollowness. But the negative idea does not fill your inner being. The positive means your fridge may be full of rubbish, junk, but still - when you open it, it is full.

When somebody starts believing in no God, in no heaven, in no hell - drops all fictions, all the consolations humanity has lived with for thousands of years - then suddenly he feels a great vacuum, a hollowness, a meaninglessness. Hence, I always give more priority to the atheist than the theist. The atheist is in every way ready, he just has to be hit on the right point. He has no God, he has nothing to cling to.

In the communist ideology he is left absolutely alone. That’s what is missing in communist ideology: it cannot fill people’s hearts, it cannot nourish their beings; hence the communists are going to be first to rise in consciousness. The capitalist has too much vested interest. He has so many troubles and problems, so much money, so many businesses. He has no time even to look inside and see that he is hollow.

I have heard about a very super-rich man. When he died, then he realized that he used to be alive - but only when he died. In the grave where he was buried, he realized for the first time, “My God! I have been alive for eighty years and never thought about what it is to be alive!”

There are many people who only realize the value of life at the point of death. But then it is too late. Life keeps them engaged. The capitalist has too many things to remain engaged and involved in. The communist has nothing; hence the great possibility that the communist may be ahead of the capitalist as far as consciousness-raising is concerned.

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