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Chapter 1: Tale of Love, Untellable

If an illness is incorrectly diagnosed how can you know the right medicine to take? Even if a doctor is here what good will he do? Nanak fell ill - the illness was the same as yours - and the people in his house sent for a physician. Whenever someone is ill we automatically send for a doctor; we don’t understand there are some diseases that have nothing whatsoever to do with doctors. In any case the physician came, took hold of Nanak’s wrist and started to take his pulse. Nanak began to laugh. “There is no illness there,” he said. “You will discover nothing by taking my pulse. The illness is of the heart.” The doctor had no idea what Nanak was talking about. Doctors have their own worlds and they diagnose illnesses by taking one’s pulse. Nanak needed a master, a spiritual physician, and not a medical doctor.

The master is also a physician, not of the body but of the heart. And the master’s first task is to make it clear to you what it is you are seeking. Then the search becomes very easy. When the diagnosis is correct it is not too difficult to find the proper medicine. Diagnosis is half the cure. But if the diagnosis is incorrect, then even vast quantities of medicine will be of no use to you.

What generally happens is that you become enamored of words. You begin to think, “Ah yes, this is what I have lost. It is God I have lost. It is freedom I have lost.” Then you set out on your search. And it is wrong from the very beginning.

As I talk to you, I look into your hearts and I see that the throne within you is unoccupied. The throne is there, and someone must have sat on it at one time or another, but at present he is away, he is wandering somewhere else. Your heart is that throne; the king, love itself, has left it behind and has gone roaming in some far off place.

The search for love is possible; every child is born with love. Before you can search for something you have to lose it, and although every child is born with love it gets lost along the way, somewhere in the course of his upbringing. Education, society and culture play important roles in this process. And because of this lost love a sort of vacuum, a sort of vacancy, a sort of emptiness is created within you. You are in search of that love - not of God. You have never met God. But if you regain love then you are standing at his door. You have never known God. He is unknown to you; you cannot search for him. To search for someone, there must be some kind of relationship, some kind of acquaintance. And you have no such familiarity with God.

Truth surrounds you. How will you find it? Truth is there already; the basic problem is that you have no vision. The sun is always shining but you are blind. What should a blind man seek? The sun or sight? If you have no sight, even if the sun is sitting next to you what will you do? You will not be able to see it; you will remain in darkness. Sight is needed. That sight is love. God is ever-present. He is all around you. But you have lost your vision; you have lost the means of experiencing him.

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