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Chapter 32: Time Remains Where It Is

So whenever somebody says, “I love you very much,” he does not understand what he is saying, because “very much” indicates quantity. Love is simply love. It is never more, never less. It is enough to say, “I love you.” Or perhaps it is better even not to say that. Let your eyes show it, let your hands speak it, let your songs give hints, let your dance indicate it. Don’t say, “I love you,” because the moment you say, “I love you,” you have confined something vast to a small word, love. You have killed something. The vastness of love, if confined to a small word, is imprisoned. Its wings are cut; it is a dead word.

My own experience of thousands of my people has given me strange insights, which perhaps Gautam Buddha missed - because he never talked about love. The moment you say to someone, “I love you” - watch! Perhaps it is the beginning of the end.

When there was love there was no need to say it. Without saying it, it was heard. Without uttering a single word, every vibe around you showed that you are in the spirit of it, blossoming, dancing in the wind, in the sun, in the rain. The man in love does not walk, he dances. Only people who do not know love, walk.

The moment love blossoms in your being, the phenomenon is so great and so overwhelming that it changes everything in you. Your eyes are no longer the same as they used to be - dull, dead; suddenly they become aflame. Suddenly the darkness in your eyes disappears and there is light; the shallowness of your face disappears and there is a depth beyond depth. You touch somebody, and your hand is no longer just a physical thing; through it is flowing something non-physical, non-material - the warmth.

You must have seen, shaking hands with people. With a few people, when you shake hands, it seems as if you are shaking hands with a dead branch of a tree. And with a few others, rarely - when you shake hands you know it is not simply shaking hands, but a meeting of two energies. You feel the passing of energy from your side and the passing of energy from the other side. There has been a communication, a communion.

Almustafa says: You would measure time the measureless and the immeasurable. Please don’t be so stupid. But astronomers, for centuries, have been doing that.

Almustafa says:

You would adjust your conduct and even direct the course of your spirit according to hours and seasons.

That reminds me. One of my friends - although he was very old, of the age of my grandfather - loved me immensely, so the distance between the ages, the generation gap, disappeared. He remained a member of parliament for sixty years continuously. It is now a fact of history that only two men have remained for so long, non-stop, as members of parliament. One was Winston Churchill and the other was Dr. Govindas.

He was very traditional, and everybody wondered that he was so traditional, so orthodox. Even orthodox people used to ask, “How do you both manage to sit for hours and discuss?” I used to stay with him whenever I passed through New Delhi.

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