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Chapter 20: Those Third-Rate Politicians, Those Dwellers of the Gutter

You have to be mean. You have to be destructive. If needed, you have to commit all kinds of crime. If you can do all these things, only then you can become a politician. It is an absolutely foolish and absurd game, and particularly for a sannyasin who is searching for higher values, who is looking for inner reality - who is thinking of beauty, truth, good. Politics is just the opposite. A sannyasin is trying to find his authentic being, and the politician has to create a false personality according to what people need.

A politician has to say things which he does not mean but which satisfy people. He can never speak his mind; in fact, people who have gone deep in understanding the psychology of politics, say in politics mind is not needed at all. We don’t see any politician functioning in a way that shows his genius. There have been millions of geniuses, nobody was attracted towards politics, only very mediocre people. In a way they represent the unintelligent, unevolved masses. They are the representatives of the slaves.

I have heard.

A great politician’s brain surgery was being done. When the surgeons opened his brain they saw so much rubbish and garbage that they thought it is better to take the whole mind out of the skull and clean it; they have never seen anything so dirty. So they left the politician in anesthesia, so he was not aware, and they went into another room.

Meanwhile, the politician came out of anesthesia, was resting on the bed, when a man came rushing and shouted, “What are you doing here? You have been chosen as the president.”

He said, “My God! What am I doing here?” - and got up.

The surgeons looked from the other room, and said, “Hey! Where are you going? Your brain is here; we are cleaning it!”

The man said, “Now I don’t need it! Clean it well and keep it. When I am no longer the president of the country I may need it, but right now there is no problem.”

What use is a mind to the president?

Presidents are chosen who have no minds of their own, so they can simply function as rubber stamps.

Politics is a strange world, but if you want to have some taste of the ugliest part of human beings, you can go into politics. Just remember one thing: going in is easy, getting out will be very difficult, almost impossible. It is getting into deep imprisonment by your own desires. But there are people who are jailbirds; they like prison. I have known many politicians; I have not seen anything worthwhile in their lives. They have staked everything just to be in power. And what will these people do with power? They will create more wars, they will create more weapons, they will create more possibilities for a global suicide.

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