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Chapter 2: Morality: Nothing but Delusion

Seeing the faces, he said, “I don’t feel like fighting. The throne is not worth that much massacre, and I cannot conceive of myself on the throne with all these people dead. I have loved them, we have lived together, we have played together. Now this is very unfortunate. It is better that I should retire to the Himalayas and let my brothers rule the kingdom. Obviously, their father had been denied because of his blindness. And it was not his fault.” But Krishna was very much insistent.

Krishna’s sister was married to Arjuna - he had a vested interest that Arjuna should get the kingdom, win the war. He argued for the war as an essential necessity at this moment “.because those hundred cousin-brothers are all sinners, drunkards, gamblers. It is your duty, for the sake of goodness, to fight. It is not a question only of a fight between two parties, it is a fight between darkness and light. It is a fight between God and the Devil.” But Arjuna was not convinced, and the final strategy of Krishna was one which I call very deceptive.

Krishna is one of the incarnations of the Hindus, the perfect incarnation of God. There are other incarnations which are partial incarnations, but Krishna is the perfect incarnation.

But if you look at him without any prejudice, he is the perfect politician! The final trump card was that he said, “As an incarnation of God, I order you to go to war. Remember, it is God’s will. Nothing happens against God’s will. Not even a leaf falls from the tree without the will of God.”

Now, this was too much for poor Arjuna to fight against. Unwillingly, he went to war. He won the war. It has been five thousand years now, but it has broken the very spine of this country. After that war this country has never been interested in war, it has never invaded any country. It has been invaded by many - small countries have ruled over it for two thousand years continuously - and it has not even resisted because it has seen, in the Indian “Great War” as it is called, such a massacre of humanity - for the sake of power? For the sake of money? But Arjuna was managed by a very good argument: “Nothing happens without God’s will. How can it happen without God’s will? So don’t bring your mind in, just do what God wants.”

If I had been in the place of Arjuna I would have put my arrows and my bow in the chariot and moved towards the Himalayas, saying that “This is God’s will - what can I do? Nothing happens without his will. Now this is happening!” But he got caught by the argumentation and Krishna convinced him that it was a good war.

No war is good! No war can be good. Every warmonger in the world has been trying to prove the same thing, that “This war is for the good.” Adolf Hitler killed six million Jews in Germany just for God’s sake and for the fatherland. He was doing a great service to his fatherland..

You cannot find any war that was fought for any other than good reasons: for God, so many crusades; for God, so many living human beings, particularly women, burned alive.

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