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Chapter 3: Walking without Crutches

It is difficult in the beginning even to conceive how one can live out of the emptiness. But out of emptiness all the trees are growing, and out of the emptiness stars are moving, and out of the emptiness the whole existence exists - and there is no trouble. Only man has the absurd idea that without mind it will be difficult to exist. In fact, with the mind it is difficult to exist, because existence and mind are two separate - not only separate but contrary - dimensions. If you want to be consistent with the mind you will be inconsistent with life.

It happened: There was a case against Mulla Nasruddin in the court, and the judge asked him, “How old are you, Nasruddin?”

And he said, “Of course, you know and everybody knows I am forty years old.”

The judge was surprised and he said, “But five years ago also you were in the court and I asked you, and then too you said that you were forty years old. How is it possible? After five years you are still forty years old?”

Nasruddin said, “I am a consistent man, sir. Once I say I am forty, I will remain forty forever - you can rely on me.”

If you are consistent with the mind, you will become such a reliable man. You will be consistent - and absolutely inconsistent - because life goes on, it is never static. Not even for a single moment does life stay anywhere. Life doesn’t know any rest. Life has no tradition to follow, no ideology to imitate, no pattern fixed by the past. Life is always an opening into the unknown.

Life moves towards the future, mind moves towards the past. Mind is always closed in the experience that has happened already, and life is always open for the experience that has never happened before. How can they meet? How is there any possibility of their meeting? Then, by and by, mind becomes completely closed in itself. Not only that, the mind even becomes afraid to see what life is.

The fear comes because the mind knows that if you look at life, you will be proved wrong. So better to remain with closed eyes, don’t look at life. Interpret life always according to the mind. Don’t listen to it! That’s how you have become deaf. That’s how you have become blind. That’s how you cannot listen and understand me - because here there is no person. I’m not talking to you as a mind. You can meet me only on the ground of life, not on the ground of mind.

That’s why you will always feel I am inconsistent. I am. You cannot compare anything I will assert today with anything that I asserted yesterday. You will find me inconsistent. But what can I do? This morning everything is new. This morning has never been there before - and will not be there again. It doesn’t belong to the past, it doesn’t belong to the future. It belongs to itself - a unique phenomenon. The parrots chattering in the trees.they were not there yesterday, and who knows where they will be tomorrow? And the breeze - the warm breeze passing through the trees, soft and warm like a woman - will not be there. Everything will be different. Everything was different yesterday; it is already different today.

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