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Chapter 10: I Answer Your Questions Just to Kill Them

He was very angry. But those people said, “Your anger is not right, because we can call out any word we want. Who is telling you to follow it?”

He said, “It is too late for me to decide whether to follow it or not to follow it. My whole mind functions like a machine. Those twenty-five years simply disappeared. ‘Attention’ only means ‘attention.’ You destroyed my eggs. I am a poor man.”

But this is being done all over the world. And not only today; from the very beginning armies have been trained not to use intelligence, but to follow orders. You have to understand one thing very clearly: that to follow an order and to understand a thing are two diametrically opposite things. If, by understanding, your intelligence feels satisfied and you do something out of that, you are not following an order from the outside; you are following your own intelligence.

And an authentic master is not your commander. He loves you, and he wants you to be more understanding, more intelligent, more capable of finding your way, more insightful, more intuitive. This cannot be done by orders.

I am reminded of another incident in the First World War. In Berlin, one German professor of logic was recruited into the army. There was a shortage of soldiers, and everybody who was physically able was asked to volunteer; otherwise they were forcing people to go into the army because all the societies, all the nations, all the cultures have taken it for granted that the individuals exist for them, not vice-versa. To me, just the opposite is the case: the society exists for the individual, the culture exists for the individual, the nation exists for the individual. Everything can be sacrificed, but the individual cannot be sacrificed for anything. Individuality is the very flowering of existence - nothing is higher than it. But no culture, no society, no civilization is ready to accept a simple truth.

The professor was forced. He said, “I am not a man who can fight. I can argue; I am a logician. If you need somebody to argue with the enemies, I am ready, but fighting is not my business. It is barbarous to fight.”

But nobody listened, and finally he was brought to the parade grounds. The parade started, and the commander said, “Left turn.” Everybody turned left, but the professor remained standing as he was.

The commander was a little worried: “What is the matter? Perhaps the man is deaf.” So he shouted loudly, “Now turn to the left again!” All the people turned to the left again, but that man remained standing as if he had not heard anything.

Forward, backward.all the orders were given and everybody followed. That man remained just standing in his place.

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