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Chapter 11: Utopia Is Just around the Corner

I trust in the inspirations, in the hopes of man. We have just been doing something wrong to materialize them. The basic thing that I want to point out to you is that we have always been thinking of changing the society. The communists, the fascists, the socialists, the fabians, the anarchists, all kinds of utopians have one single thing in common, which is the cause of their failure. They all have tried to change the society.

The society does not exist anywhere.

What exists is the individual.

Society is only a name. Have you ever come across society? Have you ever met society and said hello.shaken hands with society? Whenever you come across anybody it is the individual.

The individual is the reality.

Society is only a name.

They all tried to change the society, to change the individual. That was their wrong approach.

My effort is to change the individual.

The society will change by itself; it is simply a name. And to change the individual is not difficult, because each individual desires to be changed.

No individual is satisfied as he is. He wants to be more conscious, to be more peaceful, to be more loving, to be more loved. He wants a life full of flowers and fragrance. What he finds is just misery, anxiety, anguish, meaninglessness.

What the individual is missing is a very simple thing: a certain methodology to make him more centered, more silent, more serene, more collected, more together. The name of the methodology is what I call meditation. The individual needs something more than the mind; it is already in him, but he is entangled with the mind. His entanglement with the mind prevents him from seeing beyond it to his real self.

Just a little effort for watching the mind, sitting silently, looking at the mind, as if it does not belong to you - and it does not belong to you.

You are the watcher; the mind is the watched.

You are the observer; the mind is the observed.

You are the subject; the mind is the object - you are not one.

Your subjectivity is your liberation - liberation from the mind. And once you are liberated from the mind, once you know that you are beyond the mind, miraculously a great mastery arises in you. The mind cannot pull you this way and that, it simply becomes a humble servant.

The very presence of the master is enough for the mind to become an obedient servant. You can use it if you want. If you do not want to you can say, “Shut up!” and you can remain in eternal peace and silence. The mind is a good mechanism, a biocomputer, but it is not the master.

This is the change that has to be spread to every individual on the earth, and then utopia is just around the corner of the road. Then it is not something which cannot be achieved. It can be achieved, and it should be achieved.

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