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Chapter 26: Because of Love, We Are Together

That interest is a pathological interest that has been created by repression. Once repression is taken away that interest will disappear, and then there is a natural feel - which is not obsessive, which is not pathological. And whatsoever is natural is good. This interest in sex is unnatural. And the problem is, this is being created by the priest and by the politician, by the so-called mahatmas. They are the culprits - and they go on creating it, and they think they are helping humanity to go beyond sex. They are not! They are throwing humanity into this whole mess.

If you understand me rightly, then you will be surprised by the experience that you will go through in this commune: soon you will find sex has become a natural phenomenon, and finally, as your meditations will deepen, as you will start meeting with each other’s souls more and more, the body contact will become less and less. A moment comes when there is no need for sexuality to be there, it has taken a new turn - the energy has started moving upwards. It is the same energy. At the lowest rung it is sex, at the highest rung it is samadhi.

I have written one book - not written, my discourses have been collected in it - it is called From Sex to Superconsciousness. Now fifteen years have passed. Since then nearabout two hundred books have been published, but nobody seems to read any other book - not in India. They all read From Sex to Superconsciousness. They all criticize it also, they are all against it. Articles are still being written, books are written against it, and mahatmas go on objecting to it - and I have written two hundred books, and no other book is mentioned, no other book is looked at.

Do you understand? - “Mr Morgan, will you have one or two lumps in your nose?”- as if I have written only one book.

People are suffering from a wound. Sex has become a wound. It needs to be healed.

Remember, there is no need to be afraid of women, no need to be afraid of men. We are all alike, the same God. We have to learn how to love each other, we have to come closer to each other because that is the only way to come close to God. Love is one of the greatest doors to God, just as awareness is another.

The East has followed the way of awareness and become lopsided. The West has followed the way of love and has become lopsided. I teach you both: a loving awareness, a conscious love. And with this you will become integrated, you will attain individuation.

Enough for today.