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Chapter 32: Session 32

We hugged each other, and cried together. That was our last meeting; just the day before I had had the experience. It was 22nd March, 1953, that we hugged each other without knowing that this was going to be our last meeting. Perhaps he knew, but I was not aware of it. He told me this with tears in his beautiful eyes.

The other day I asked Chetana, “Chetana, how is my face looking?”

She said, “What?”

I said, “I am asking because I have not eaten anything but fruit for months, except for a few days of Devaraj’s concoction. I don’t know what it consists of; all that I know is it needs immense willpower to eat it. You have to chew it for half an hour, but it is very good. By the time I am finished I am so tired, utterly tired, almost asleep. That’s why I am asking.”

She said, “Osho, you are asking me, can I tell you the truth?”

I said, “Only the truth.”

She said, “When I look at you I can’t see anything except your eyes, so please don’t ask me. I don’t know how you looked before, or how you look now. All I know is your eyes.”

Alas, I cannot show you Masto. His whole body was beautiful. One could not believe that he had not come from the world of the gods. In India there are many beautiful stories. One of them from the Rig Veda, is that of Pururva and Uruvasi.

Uruvasi is a goddess who becomes fed up with all the pleasures of paradise. I love the story because it is so true. If you have all the pleasures, how long can you endure them? One is bound to become bored. The story must have been written by someone who knew.

Uruvasi becomes bored with all the pleasures, and the gods and their love affairs. Finally, when she is in the hands of the head god, Indra, she uses the moment, as every woman uses such moments, to ask for a necklace or a watch or a diamond ring or anything you can imagine.

Ashu, what are you imagining? Do you know? Yes, you laugh because I know. Just tell me, otherwise I will tell it. Shall I tell it? No, it is not gentlemanly. And you are laughing so happily - I would not like to destroy it.

Uruvasi asks Indra, “Please, if you are so happy with me, will you grant me just a little gift? Not much, a very small gift.”

Indra says, “Whatsoever it is, ask it, and it will be fulfilled.”

She said, “I want to go to earth and to love an ordinary man.”

Indra was completely drunk. You must realize that Indian gods are not like the Christian god, not even like Christian priests, what to say of the Christian god? Christianity is a dictatorial religion. The Hindu religion is more democratic, and more human too.

Indra is utterly drunk, and says, “Okay, but this will be the condition: the moment you tell a man you are a goddess, you will have to return to paradise immediately.”

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