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Chapter 24: The Inescapable

The world remains outside - the same world, the same people, although your projections will not be there. You were thinking of somebody as immensely beautiful, somebody a great wise man, somebody the most religious person: if these were your projections, they will disappear, but the person whom you were thinking beautiful or religious or enlightened will remain. Now you will have to cope with his reality. And the only way to cope with reality is to create a tremendous harmony with the real. You cannot avoid it, it is inescapable, there is no way to disperse it.

That which was dispersible, you have dispersed; almost ninety percent of your world will have disappeared, and this ninety percent was your projection. But ten percent is not your projection, and you have to be with it in total harmony.

Ta Hui makes a very remarkable statement. Ordinarily to be in harmony means to go with, not to go against. But Ta Hui makes harmony something far deeper - neither to go with, nor to go against. Even in going with, there is some reluctance: you are still thinking of yourself as separate, that you are going with the current, you are no more fighting with the current. But you are there - and your very being is a resistance. The very idea that you are going with the current is enough of a disturbance in the harmony.

Ta Hui is making an immensely important point, and only a man who has come to this experience can make that statement. Otherwise it is very simple, ask anybody: to go with means to be in harmony, and to go against is to be in discord.

But Ta Hui says, “Even to go with is a discord, very subtle, very hidden, but you are keeping yourself separate. Real harmony is neither to go with nor to go against. Let reality possess you. Just be overwhelmed by that which is inescapable, and you will find immense peace.”

These sutras are important for every meditator on the path.

Whenever you run into something inescapable amidst the hubbub, you’ve been examining yourself constantly, but without applying effort to meditate.

The first point: your meditation has to be without any effort on your part, because all effort is of the mind, and mind has no way of reaching to meditation. So if you are making some effort, your very effort is the barrier to reach to the space you want to reach.

Meditation is simply a pure understanding that if you can watch the mind without making any effort - and remember, watching is not an effort, watching is your natural capacity. Effort is something that you have to do; watching is something that you don’t have to do. It is already there. It is your very breathing, it is your very heartbeat, just you have never looked at it.

Ta Hui is saying that meditation has to be without any effort, and that is an agreed point amongst all the meditators of the world. Still, effort will disturb and bring the mind in, so with effort there is no meditation, only mind. No effort, no mind.and a spontaneous awareness that is not your work. You simply discover it as your intrinsic nature.

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