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Chapter 4: The Inner Innocence

No scripture says that there is electricity in hell, or in heaven. You should not expect these things there. Even if you can find fire.perhaps they have fire in hell to torture people. But it is not known whether in heaven they even have fire for cold nights or to put small lights in your houses, or some petrol lighters for your cigarettes.. It is certain that in heaven there is no shopping mall - saints don’t need anything!

By committing suicide it is not certain that you will reach heaven. Most probably you will simply wander in the darkness and you will not reach anywhere because you don’t have any map and you don’t have any virtue. The only possibility is that by chance you may enter into hell. That too by chance! It is a vast universe. It is not that you just get out of your home and enter into hell; it is not so easy, otherwise most of the people would never return home. There are problems in hell, but nothing compared to the home, “Home Sweet Home.” These miserable creatures sing songs, and they think they are befooling others.

The experience of enlightenment, or the experience of the original man, is inexpressible, so inexpressible that Dokai says:

As soon as I get up on the seat to speak, I am already involved in the dusts. If I go on and freeze my eyes, it would just show a flaw. The special transmission in a single statement is taking in a thief who ransacks your house.

A very original statement about the one-blow enlightenment. He says it is like taking in a thief who ransacks your house.

I am reminded about Sheik Farid, a great mystic.

A thief entered his house. He had collected a few things from the neighbors and he thought, “By the way, have a look into this poor monk’s house.”

As he entered he found nothing but a begging bowl, a staff - things like that, that are needed even by the poorest man, but he collected all of them. Farid was sleeping, or pretending to sleep, just looking from the corners of his eyes at what was going on. When the thief had bundled everything up, he went out of the house, mixing Farid’s things with the other things that he had stolen from other houses. He made a huge bundle of all those things, and started to carry it.

After a few steps the thief found somebody was following him. He looked and he was surprised. Sheik Farid was well known - “and this fellow was asleep.why is he following me?” And suddenly the thief asked, “Why are you following me?”

Farid said, “Why? We are changing houses.”

The thief said, “My God, this means I have to take you also to my house?”

Farid said, “You are taking everything else!”

The thief said, “I have never seen such a strange fellow. Take away your things!”

Farid said, “Fifty-fifty.”

The thief said, “My God! But these are not your things, they belong to others.”

Farid said, “No. Either fifty-fifty or I am coming with you.”

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