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Chapter 18: You Are the Mirror

Even Martin Heidegger became a follower of Adolf Hitler, because of that German inferiority. And Adolf Hitler gave the promise, and he managed the promise - for almost five years he went on conquering, convincing the Germans that “certainly we are the chosen race of people; we were just not aware of it: Adolf Hitler has made us aware of it.” But then Germany was defeated again, and the whole covered up inferiority complex erupted.

Latifa, it is not just your problem, it is the problem of the whole German race; and the way out of it is not to get identified with it.

Nobody is superior. Nobody is inferior. Everybody is unique.

Because there are not two persons who are the same, you cannot compare marigolds with roses: they are two different flowers. You cannot compare two human beings with each other, they are two different flowers. But this is not a question of intellectual conviction, it is a question of being aware, and destroying the identification.

Don’t try to be superior, just try to be yourself. You are not inferior, but, remember it: nobody else is inferior. You are not superior.

Aristotle has created a difficulty for human beings. He created one of the basic troubles in the human mind, because he knew only: either you are superior, or you are inferior. In everything it was either, or: either you are white or you are black; either you are a saint or you are a sinner.

He never bothered to look at the rainbow, and the whole span of all the colors between white and black. And each color has its own beauty, has its own dance, has its own place in existence, which no other color can take.

My approach is that each individual is unique; I want to destroy the very idea of comparison. You are yourself, I am myself; neither I am superior, nor I am inferior to you. Just, it happens I am this way; it happens you are that way. But this has to come out of your meditations. What I am saying is my meditation, you are not to believe in it - you have to go into the experience of it. And the day you will see - you are just yourself.

For example, Latifa, think of one thing: everybody in the third world war dies, except Latifa.. Will she still think herself to be inferior? Inferior to whom? Will she feel herself to be superior? But superior to whom? There are only dead bodies all around; with dead bodies you cannot be inferior nor can you be superior.

And in truth, we are all alone; as alone as Latifa will be alone when the whole world is destroyed. Even at this moment everybody is alone, just himself. A simple awareness and acceptance of oneself as one is, is enough, and the whole problem will disappear. Otherwise, it will torture you, it will remain like a wound your whole life.

You say, “When I look at the moments when I feel separate from you, from my love and the rest of existence, it is usually the shadows of comparison and jealousy; and when I go deeper I usually get in touch with a deep insecurity, and the feeling of being inferior.”

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