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Chapter 3: Learn from This Experience

What harm has been done to you? No harm can be done to you. Even if you are killed, your loving being and your trusting being and your inner innocence are eternal. And you have seen the whole drama, that the people who were powerful but in the service of destructiveness had to escape finally.

Love is victorious.

And wherever they will go, a deep feeling of guilt, of inhumanity, of having taken advantage of trusting people, will follow them. They will not have a single night of peaceful sleep.

This is a fundamental law of life: your every action is followed by its result automatically.

The flower releases fragrance. These people have released poison, but the poison has not affected you at all. It has poisoned their own beings, their own growth. They have missed a great opportunity, and perhaps they will have to wait for lives to find it again.

I hope they come to understand what they have done. They have done such ugly things that you cannot believe.

Just this morning, more information came from a sannyasin. When the Share-a-Home people had come here, a certain drug was purchased in a big quantity by this fascist gang of Sheela’s. They were injecting that drug into the Share-a-Home people so they remained calm and quiet. Otherwise, they were street people; they have lived in a totally different way - rowdy, ever ready to fight and kill.

But they overdosed one man and he died. I have been informed that they took the man and threw him out of Rancho Rajneesh.

To treat a man like that is disgusting. It simply proves only one thing: that this group of Sheela’s had no heart at all. I would not have believed it, but seeing all the other information that is coming.and people are ready to witness for it in the courts.

The pharmacist of the commune was puzzled. He was very much against bringing in that much poison. “What is the reason?” They managed to bring the poison in, in some other roundabout way.

First to invite people here to share your home, and then you share death? If you cannot be loving to people, why have you called them here?

I was in silence. I was told it was “because there is more money from the festival than we need, and this will be good, humanitarian work.” I said, “If it is something humanitarian you must do it.” But it was not humanitarian. Now people are reporting to me that they were certainly brought here for voting.

For my whole life I have been teaching my sannyasins to be apolitical. Politics is for inferior minds. It is for those who are suffering from an inferiority complex. It is the inferiority complex that forces them to prove to themselves that they are not inferior - they are governors, they are prime ministers, they are presidents.

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