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Chapter 14: The Function of a Master

The two world wars prove that he is asleep. The coming Third World War can be prevented only if we can awaken enough people so that they become infectious and go on awakening other people in a chain. And it has to be done so fast, because there is not much time. Otherwise, the sleepy people are going to destroy this earth, this life. The politicians are asleep.

No awakened person can become a politician for the simple reason that he cannot lie, he cannot give you promises that he knows can never be fulfilled. No awakened person will be a politician, because he has no desire for his ego to be fulfilled. There is no ego any more. Ego exists as a substitute self in sleep; the moment you are awakened, ego has no function, it is useless. You are there, now you don’t need it.

The man who knows himself has no inferiority complex. Unless you are suffering from some inferiority complex, you will not be involved in any kind of leadership - political, religious, social. You don’t have the base. The inferiority complex is the cause of everybody becoming ambitious. If they don’t become somebody in the world, in their own eyes they have failed. They want to prove themselves, “We are here! We have been here!” They want their names to be recorded in history, although they know that even the greatest names in history, by and by, go on slipping from prominence, become footnotes, move into the appendix and out the door. Naturally, how many people can we go on carrying? But they want to make their name. That, too, proves something animal.

All the animals of the world have an instinct; scientists call it the territorial imperative. The dog pissing on the tree is simply making his signature, he is saying, “This tree belongs to me.” He won’t allow another dog to come near. Other dogs will smell his urine and will know that this tree is not free, not available, that somebody possesses it. There are animals, particularly lions, who will go on urinating on a vast territory just so that everybody is aware that if they come there they will be getting into danger.

Man also works in the same way. All these nations are nothing but people pissing and making a boundary: this is America, this is the Soviet Union, this is India. You can smell it is a different country, so don’t enter without a visa, without a passport. Otherwise, there is no need for any nations on the earth. What is the need? Can’t we all live as one humanity? It would be tremendously beautiful and tremendously beneficial, because if the whole world is one, you cannot create wars. Unless you find some planets and start creating wars with them, there is no possibility of war.

The only way to let war disappear is to make the world one, with a functional world government, with no political parties in the world, each individual choosing on his own, nobody propagating, nobody trying to get more votes. If we can create a functional world government which only takes care of things like the railways, the post office, the telegraph, the telephone ( things which are essential and should be taken care of by the whole commune around the earth ( seventy-five percent of all the nations’ income will be freed. It is now being poured out for weapons: atom bombs, nuclear weapons and other weapons.

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