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Chapter 10: Become More and More Sensuous

And you are not seeing a simple phenomenon: if these things are sin here, then your saints in paradise are committing sins a millionfold. You will commit sins only for seventy years and not continuously, because you have to eat, you have to bathe, you have to shave, you have to earn your bread and butter, you have to fight with your wife, with the neighbors, you have to go to the court, you have to be in some politics, you have to go to the churches, synagogues. What is left out of seventy years? Even if you can get seven hours, that will be too much.

You have to sleep one-third of your life; eight hours per day you sleep. And you have to do many other things. You have to see the football games, you have to see the Olympics. You have to go to the movies, you have to play cards. Just count, and you will be surprised: not even seven hours are left! For seven hours of joy, warmth and love, you are getting eternity - and what an eternity!

I have heard.. A master died, and after a few days one of his disciples also died. Perhaps he could not live without the master, perhaps there was no point in living anymore. He had risked everything to be with the master. He lost the lust for life - he died.

Of course, he was absolutely certain that he would be taken to paradise. He was no ordinary man. He was a great disciple of a great master. And certainly he was taken to paradise. As he entered, he could not believe his eyes: he saw his old master sitting under the shade of a tree, with Marilyn Monroe naked in his lap. The disciple closed his eyes.

He said, “My God! What is happening?” But then he remembered, those who renounce in the world will get a millionfold in the other, so there was nothing wrong. He fell at the feet of the master and said, “Great master, you have proved what you have been saying all along, that those who renounce in this world will get one thousand or one millionfold in the other world.”

Before the master could speak, Marilyn Monroe said, “You idiot! I am not his reward, he is my punishment!”

Religions have just been telling you stories. I can manage my own - far better. They have been giving you hope in the other world and taking everything from your life in this world. And this is the only world there is; there is no other world. Yes, this world extends to infinity, multidimensional infinity, but this is the only world, there is no other world. And this seventy-years’ life is a training period.

If you are befooled by the religions, by your political leaders, and destroy these seventy years of joy, blessing, love, ecstasy, one thing is absolutely certain: paradise is not for you, because you have not even graduated from this seventy-year life. In seventy years you trained for hell! All your religions are giving you training for hell. Suffering, torturing yourself, fasting, celibacy; no smoking, no drinking, no taste while you are eating.

Hinduism makes it one of the first fundamental principles: tastelessness. Now how can these people teach you sensuousness? Taste is a sense.

You cannot taste food the way I taste. I can say it because once I was also a camel like you, so I know both kinds of taste. When I see a sunset you may be standing by my side, but you cannot see it; your eyes have lost their sensitivity.

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