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Chapter 9: The Law Is for You

One has to watch one’s food. Whatsoever you eat, it is no ordinary matter. You should be careful because your body is constituted of whatsoever you have eaten in the past. Every day you are constituting it with whatsoever you are eating. Eating less or more, or just right, also, makes much difference. You can be an obsessive eater - you can eat too much of that which is not needed - then you will be very, very low, very weighted down. You can eat just the right amount: you will feel happier, not weighted down - energy flowing, not blocked. And one who is going to fly into the inner world, is trying to reach the inner center, will need to be weightless; otherwise the journey cannot be complete. Being lazy you will not be able to enter that inner center. Who will walk up to that inner center?

Be careful what you eat, be careful what you drink - be careful how you keep and care for your body. Small things matter. For an ordinary man they don’t matter because he is not going anywhere. Once you start on the path, everything matters.

Whether you are taking a bath every day or not - it matters. Ordinarily it doesn’t matter. Working in the market, in the shop, it doesn’t matter if you have taken a good bath or not. In fact, if you have been taking a good bath every day it may be a disturbance in your market. You may feel so light that to be cunning may be difficult; you may feel so fresh that to be cheating may be difficult; you may feel so virgin, innocent, that to exploit may almost become impossible. Being dirty may be a help in the market, but not in the temple. In the temple you have to be as fresh as dewdrops, as clean as flowers; only then can you enter the shrine. In the temple, where you leave your shoes, leave the whole world and all the burdens of it. Don’t carry them in.

Bath is one of the most beautiful phenomena - very simple, but if you start enjoying it, it becomes a meditation for the body. Just sitting under a shower and enjoying it, swaying or humming a song.. Or humming a mantra - then it becomes doubly forceful. If you are sitting under your shower and humming “aum” and the water falls on your body and the aum falls in your mind, you are taking double showers: the body is being purified by the water, it belongs to the world of elements, and your mind is purified by the mantra of aum. After the bath you will feel ready to pray - you would like to pray. After this bath and the mantra you will feel totally different; you will have a different quality and aroma around you.

Shauch, purity means purity about food. Purity about body, purity about mind - three layers of purities. And the fourth, which is your being, needs no purity because it cannot become impure. Your innermost core is always pure, always virgin, but that innermost core is covered with other things which can become impure - which become impure every day. You use your body every day; dust collects. You use your mind every day; thoughts collect. Thoughts are just like dust. Living in the world, how can you live without thoughts? You have to think. Body collects dust, becomes dirty; mind collects thoughts, becomes dirty. Both need a good, cleaning bath. It should become a part of your style. It should not be taken as a law; it should be just a way of living beautifully.

And if you feel pure then other possibilities immediately open because everything is linked with everything else; it is a chain. And if you want to change life always start from the beginning.

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