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Chapter 7: It Is Heard without Ears

So when I am talking about meditation I am not saying to you, “Become like animals.” When I am talking about meditation and sannyas I am telling you, “Take more risks.” You cannot go back: the backward path is completely utterly closed. Man cannot enter into the Garden of Eden through the same gate from where Adam was expelled - that gate is closed. Man will have to enter from another gate; he will have to find another gate to enter into the Kingdom of God. Man will have to go a long way to find another gate.of consciousness, awareness, love, prayer.

Yes, a moment comes when a sage becomes almost like animals; but I say “almost like” - I don’t say that he becomes an animal. Yes, you can see in the eyes of a sage the same purity as is in the eyes of a cow. But a cow is a cow, and a sage is a sage. His innocence is not unconscious, his innocence is full of consciousness. He is innocent because he is conscious, the cow is innocent because the cow is not conscious. The cow is innocent because she cannot be otherwise, the saint is innocent out of his own choice - tremendous choice. The saint can be otherwise, and he is not: it is a great achievement. The cow is silent, innocent - she cannot be otherwise. There is no achievement in it, the cow is simply ignorant. The saint is wise. His innocence is out of wisdom - he has learned the lesson of life. But remember, to become a cow is very cheap and easy, to become a saint is arduous.

What Kabir is going to say today in these songs is of tremendous import: try to understand it. He is not talking about falling back - though it may look so at times - he is telling you to go beyond. The beyond always looks like the below.

When an old man becomes really wise, he starts looking like a child; but remember, he is only like children - he is not really a child. He has passed through all the lessons of life - good and bad, sweet and bitter. He has matured, he has seasoned. Again he is a child - out of his own choice, out of his own understanding. The circle is complete.

Na mein dharmi nahin adharmi

says Kabir: I am neither religious nor irreligious. Now, this can mean two things. It can mean that you have become an animal - neither religious nor irreligious; you have fallen back. Or, it can mean you have transcended - you have gone beyond religion and irreligion. They both look alike but there is immense difference.

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