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Chapter 3: Conquering the World by Inaction

Just by my side there was a big bowl, and two goldfish were swimming in it. The younger one suddenly stopped and asked the other: Do you believe in God? The younger fish looked very philosophic - a seeker. The old one said in a guru-like way: Yes, otherwise who do you suppose changes our water every day? If there is no God who do you suppose changes our water every day?

All concepts of God are like this - Who do you suppose created the world? Who do you suppose goes on controlling the world, managing the world? Just small minds, small concepts. God is not a concept, it is a parable.

So remember when I say “God prohibited,” I don’t mean that there is somebody who prohibited. I simply mean that this is a way of saying something. Existence prohibits knowledge. Existence allows innocence and prohibits knowledge because in innocence the part merges with the whole, remains with the whole, remains one with the whole - and the moment it starts knowing, ego arises, ego crystallizes. The part is no more flowing with the whole now, now it has its own mind - to do certain things, not to do certain things; now it has its own choices, now it has its own likes and dislikes.

This is the meaning of the story: suddenly Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise.

You must have wondered where that paradise is. It is not a geographical place, it is a psychological state of mind. Innocence is paradise, knowledge is expulsion.

Every child is born as Adam and Eve, and remains in paradise. But we start teaching him, we start conditioning him. All these teachers and people who condition, all these people who try to make the child knowledgeable, are the serpent - who convinced Eve that if you eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge you will become like God, you will have your own center as God has his center. If you know, you will become something other than you are.

The whole of knowledge is a seduction to become something which you are not. All knowledge is creating future, all knowledge is creating desire to become something which you are not.

Innocence is to enjoy that which you are, knowledge is to make the effort for that which you are not.

That serpent was the first teacher of the world. That serpent created a rift, and the rift was between being and becoming. All knowledge creates this rift between your being and your becoming. It creates a dream. It creates an allurement, an illusion that you can become like gods. But - you are not gods, you can become like gods. Innocence says you are, there is no need to become. Otherwise is not possible - you are part of the whole, you have the same quality as the whole has, you are holy. Innocence says you are already that. Nothing is to be done. You have simply to enjoy it and celebrate it and delight in it. Knowledge says: As you are, you are condemned, you are nothing; you will have to become like gods. Try! Make effort! Do things! Discipline yourself!

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