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Chapter 5: Love Is Always Virgin

Remember: scriptures talk about truth; they are not history books. History books talk about facts. That’s why in history books you will find Alexander the Great, and Ivan the Terrible and Adolf Hitler, and all kinds of neurotics. But Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus, they are not part of the history books. For them we need a totally different approach. And it is good they are not part of history books - they are not part of history; they come from the beyond, they belong to the beyond. They are only for those who are ready to rise and soar to the beyond.

Meditate over this beautiful truth that Jesus is born of a virgin mother - but it is not a fact. It is certainly a truth: he is born of a mother who is utterly innocent. He is born of a mother who is in tremendous love - and love is virgin, and love is always virgin.

Enough for today.