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Chapter 17: The Boundless within You

It is the mind that is your enemy, and it is the mind that the society goes on training, teaching, educating, making more and more strong. Your enemy is within you, and the society goes on nursing it. Almost one-third of the life of a person is nothing but an effort to make your enemy as strong as possible.

And nobody ever thinks, “Is there anything more in you than the mind?” And if there is anything more in you than the mind, then all your universities and all your colleges and all your schools are poisoning you, because the stronger the mind becomes the more and more difficult it will be to transcend it.

That’s why people feel meditation is so difficult. Meditation is not difficult; it is your mind which has become so strong that you cannot go beyond it. It has become a Wall of China.

And people are respected for their minds! People should be respected for only one thing: that they have come to the space where mind has disappeared - with all its memories and all its garbage which you used to think of as knowledge.

When you have come to the innocent state of a child, then you will be able to see those glimmering peaks all around. Wherever you will look, you will see the invisible. It is not invisible, it is invisible because your mind does not allow you to see it. Once the mind is no more, suddenly everything becomes a mystery unto itself.

And you are surrounded by the miraculous; there is no need for any search. Therefore, I say again and again: wherever the man of meditation sits the place becomes holy, sacred. It becomes really a Kaaba.

Mind has only valleys, no summits. Mind knows only darkness, no light. Mind knows only death, no life. And those who have remained confined in their minds have missed the great opportunity that existence has given, to explore the beyond. The beyond is not to be explored by rockets, the beyond is to be explored by closing your eyes and learning the alchemy of how to transcend the mind.

I call that transcendence, witnessing. If you can witness your mind patiently, one day the spring comes. The mind is gone and all around you there are flowers and flowers: flowers of eternity, flowers of love, flowers of beauty.

And he is asking a stupid question to the poor people of Orphalese:

Have you beauty, that leads the heart from things fashioned of wood and stone to the holy mountain?

Even the words stink of Christianity! Beauty is known only by those who can see with absolute clarity, no dust of the past gathered on their eyes. Only innocent eyes can see beauty. And only the innocent lives through the heart.

Almustafa is mentioning the word heart, but it is just like saying to a woman, “I think I love you.” What has love to do with thinking? Thinking can doubt, but cannot trust and cannot love.

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